Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Would Have Been Blogging More...

...over the past few days had I realized my uncle now had a wireless connection to the Internet. I thought he was wired into his computer and because of that I could not use my laptop. That meant, I had to depend on his sloth-like old desktop to get anything done and when I say sloth-like, I mean like a sloth made out of molasses on a subzero day. On Monday, I started to clean up his system. I ran CCleaner and it removed over 36 thousand Windows temp files. Then on early Tuesday, it cleaned up/removed thousands of temporary Internet files. That made it a bit faster but not by much that was noticeable.

Early this morning, I ran Norton Utilities. It removed another 7,000 plus temporary Internet files and hundreds of Windows temp files. It also optimized the registry, checked the hard disc for errors and found some, then repaired those errors on the hard disc. Right now, it is defragmenting the C drive.

So far, I have noticed one major change. The PC dos not make a strange vibrating whir each time it turns on. It had been doing that before I ran Norton Utilities but stopped after the second run which was the correction of problems/errors on the hard drive. It is also somewhat faster in operation. I imagine after the defragmentation and anything else Norton utilities can run to fix things, it will run even faster.

I do not have Norton Utilities on my laptop, never had it on any of my computers. I see though that I may need to get it. It is very easy to use and it seems to fix a lot of issues. While I know how to run a few of the fixes that Norton Utilities runs, there were a few to several others of which I was unaware and which were launched and performed at the press of the mouse button. I need to read up on it some but am pretty sure I will wind up getting it and installing it on my laptop. Most of my checking up on it will be to see if it actually does the good it appears to be doing. I will see what Consumer Reports and have to say about it.

A for my not having blogged since Saturday, I promise to blog more about my Florida vacation when I get home. As far as current events go, I don't even know what to blog about as I have been in an almost news blackout (by my own choice) while down here. I did hear something about a school shooting today, too bad none of the teachers shot back is all I can think (and I don't know enough about it to think that with any conviction because for all I know they did - since it was down south somewhere).

Oh well, when I get home, later in the week, I will have a lot of blogging on which to catch up.

All the best,
Glenn B