Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Tides They Are A Turning (Or: What Blue Wave)

The Democrats have been eagerly squawking about the anticipated blue wave, that is supposedly going to wipe out Republican held control of Congress, in the elections of this coming fall. I am happy to inform any leftists, librterds, socialists and Democrats who read my blog that it seems the tides they are a changing - or at least have already done so in a formerly Democrat stronghold in Texas.

"A Republican candidate won a shocking victory Tuesday in Texas, capturing a state Senate seat that has been held by Democrats for 139 years -- and fizzling out Democrats’ “blue wave” aspirations to flip the Lone Star State.
Pete Flores, a former leader of the state Parks and Wildlife Department’s law enforcement division, won the reliably blue district against Democrat Pete Gallego." More at the source.
Get that, the seat was held by Democrats for 139 consecutive years but was just won by a Republican. Go figure - maybe President Trump is not as bad an influence as those on the left seem to think, at least not a bad influence for other Republicans.
All the best,
Glenn B