Friday, May 30, 2014

Decent Deal On 50 Caliber Ammo Cans

Gander Mountain currently has mil-spec, new, 50 caliber M2A1 ammo cans on sale at $14.99 apiece and if your order is over $50 you get free shipping. So, buying 4 of them would get you the free shipping. That is a pretty good deal, for new ammo cans, at least in my neck of the woods. See:

All the best,

I Thought 20 Pounds Of Binary Explosives Was A Lot...

...and I imagine that if I set off all 20 lbs. at once, it would be one heck of a boomer and quite the sight at that. Still, it would never compare to 300 pounds of it being blasted off at once. Watch the embedded video and see for yourselves. Yes, the video is in essence an over 9 minute long advertisement but it was fun watching the buildup to the explosion nonetheless and certainly was enjoyable, for me, to see the detonation. It also gave me kind of a chuckle to see the cheek weld of the millennium. Watch it, you will see what I mean.

I figure it would have been a whole lot more awesome had they included a gallon or two of gasoline atop all the binary compound but then I imagine the cost would have been prohibitive to bring in the local fire company to make sure that the forest did not burn down had something like that gone off. Kids (and adults) don't try it at home with or without the gasoline. Seriously, if you don't know what you're doing that would be an extremely dangerous undertaking.

Many thanks to Funker Tactical for posting the video and even more thanks to USA Chemical Supply for supplying the big bang. Somehow though, I don't think all of the earthworms in the area were too happy about them doing it but sometimes worm puree is the special of the day.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, May 26, 2014

Budwiper May Have Finally Gotten It Right...

...with their product (or Bud Light's product) Mang-O-Rita. I have had a few of them tonight and must say that they are a pretty tasty beverage and they have decent effect (at least on me). Four small cans of them have me decently buzzed. They are much better than Lime-A-Rita and I am sure (even though I never had one) that they are much more to my taste than the similar ones flavored like strawberries.

Mm-mm good.

All the best,

My Sister Sent Me An Email...

...just minutes ago (or at least that I read minutes ago) in which she called someone a "twat-waffle". In my 58 years, I have never heard that one, leave it to my own sister to enlighten me. I replied to her that:

The "fucking twat-waffle" that is a good one. I can only imagine how hard a woman's legs would have to clamp around my head to turn me into that - oh what a delightful thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again sister-dear, what have you been doing?????? LOL."

That was appropriate, don't you think?

Oh well, life goes on.

Later 4 U,

Can You Help Me Figure Out The Caliber...

... of these massive looking shooters? Yes, that was a question for my red blooded manly readership and you ladies should notice that the "s" in the word shooters is crossed out making it another word altogether. Men (or women so inclined), take a look at the photo and tell me if you can guess the caliber of what this young female gunslinger is packing. A friend of mine said they were 40's maybe even 45's but I said they had to be 50 caliber - at the very least.

A hat tip to Richie M for this one.

All the best,

It's Kind Of Hard To Say - Happy Memorial Day...

...not because I am anti-military and not because I am a bad American (I am neither) but because this day is the one on which we are supposed to honor they who gave their lives in military service while defending our great nation. How can you easily look someone in the eye and tell them to have a happy day when they lost someone and today is the day to remember them? It is a tricky thing because the tears may flow as old wounds are brought to memory.

Nonetheless, I wish all of you a happy Memorial Day as I ponder what life would have been like had those who have fallen in our defense not made the ultimate sacrifice. While it does not in any way make me happy that they are gone from among us, I think we all can be happy that they were so courageous and patriotic to have defended us and that we live essentially as a free nation because of them. Take some time today to think about them and to honor them - we owe them our lives.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Isla Vista Shootings

I just finished watching the morbid manifesto video (be advised it is pretty intense, graphic in the mental picture he paints, and not for the weak of heart or young children) allegedly left by Elliot Rodger prior to his allegedly killing 7 people and wounding others in Isla Vista, CA. I also read up some more on it as I have been doing on and off all day.

To me, the most disturbing thing of all was the fact that his parents notified the police, weeks ago, about YouTube videos that the alleged shooter had posted and that reportedly dealt with killing people and suicide (source); and then the police investigated and it seems it was left at that, with the soon to be alleged shooter remaining free. Had the laws been more similar, than not, to those in effect when I was a young lad, the guy would have been detained at the very least for a mental evaluation in someplace like Bellevue (a hospital in NYC with a mental facility where police often bring emotionally disturbed suspects) and if found to be bonkers and a threat to others he would have been detained in a mental institution, by force if necessary, possibly for the long term. That surely does not happen today, as regularly as it once did, when potentially harmful crazies are encountered by the authorities.

It truly is a crying shame that dangerous lunatics are allowed to roam freely among us and yet we law abiding citizens are punished for their, the crazy people's, actions by repeatedly having our rights and liberties restricted more and more after each such act of madmen. What makes it worse is that our rights and liberties are continually restricted more and more not to really protect anyone but merely for political reasons so leftists can get votes and gain control over us. After all, isn't California one of the most restrictive states when it comes to firearms! Yet, this obviously, in my opinion, very mentally ill person was able to acquire a gun or guns and kill people even. That even after the police were forewarned (and I am not blaming the police) weeks in advance of his potential and or his intentions to kill folks. I would bet that their hands were tied because being tolerant of loonies is par for the course in CA (as it is in too much of the USA). If that is not a shameful situation for us to be in then nothing is and something really ought to be done about dealing with the real problem - the people who are out of their minds and who actually pull the trigger in such shootings because they are free to do as they please even when seemingly an obvious threat.

All the best,
Glenn B

Donald Levine Has Passed Away...

...and while you may be wondering, who was Donald Levine, let me tell you he brought many a happy adventure to the lives of countless children (mostly boys) in the 1960s and 1970s. You see, he was the head of research and development for Hasbro, the toy company, back in the mid 1960s though 1970s. He also was the creator of the first action figure with moving parts - GI Joe (source).

GI Joe hit the market in late 1964, when I was 9 years old. I remember some of my friends had them and I pestered my mom for one for a long time before she finally relented and got me one. I cannot recall if it was at the same time I got GI Joe, or later, when I was also surprised with a GI Joe footlocker too. I imagine I would have gotten a GI Joe without any fuss and much sooner too had we not been piss poor. Now, when I look back on it, I am surprised I got one at all; at $4.00 it was an expensive toy, at least for us.

Cost be damned, it was among the best toys I ever had and it got a lot of play time. My son got to play with GI Joe too, not the original sized 11.5" figure but the smaller versions that came out in the 80s.

GI Joe was based upon honoring military veterans and was accessorized with military uniforms, helmets, guns and other weapons of all sorts. The idea to create an action figure, with moving parts, and to dress them in military uniforms to honor vets was Mr. Levine's idea, he was a vet himself. Imagine kids being allowed, even encouraged, to play with military action figures and that they would not get expelled or suspended if they brought them and their tiny toy weapons to school. It was another age.

More on Mr. Levine's story here: http://www.foxnews.c...tcmp=latestnews

Rest In Peace.

All the best,
Glenn B          

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Awesome Desktop Background Photo

I was looking around the web tonight for some pics of hot girls with guns to add to a gun forum post. I found quite a few shots of gals that certainly would turn most men's heads. I also found this photo of just a gal's face behind some ammo.

It is now my desktop background, and also at the top of my blog (for now). She looks awesome as I am sure is she in the flesh. By the way, to say the eyes are the windows of the soul would probably be an understatement in her case but I do kind of wonder who or what she is thinking about shooting while she selects that one cartridge betwixt thumb and forefinger!

All the best,
Glenn B.

My Laptop Is Back

So, I guess I will start blogging again, in earnest, soon. I don't know what all they did to it but it seems to be working. I know they replaced the hard drive, I now have to check that they replaced it with the correct type and size. They also reimaged the hard drive, which I suppose means they put the necessary software onto it and all the BS software too. And the last thing that I know they did was to replace the heat sink fan since one side of the computer was getting literally too hot to touch (surprisingly they did replace the motherboard with it getting that hot but on that time will tell if it will need to be replaced or not). Right now, so far, it seems fine but all I have done was install MS Office 2010 and install Norton One. I have yet to install the 109 important MS updates that MS is saying I need. That should take hours, I suppose. Hopefully once they are all installed, it will still work as good as it seems to be right now. Blogging regularly should recommence tomorrow.

Al the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wating For Godot...

...maybe was about the worst wait imaginable at the time it was written but waiting for my HP Laptop to be repaired and returned is just about as bad for me. I say just about as bad because I do not have the clap with no chance of a cure; thus, it is not quite as bad by at least a little bit. (Never read Waiting For Godot? Then get yourself a copy and sit down with it, it is a short but classic read.) 

I sent in my laptop last Tuesday, May 13th.I got a call from HP on the following Thursday saying they had received it and would soon begin working on it. Not a peep since then but I am hoping it will be finished and sent back to me within a day or two at most. Not having a computer readily available gets me thinking and talking to myself about what I am thinking over. That really is not all that much fun, makes me feel sorry for those I have cornered when I was in blabbermouth mode.Oh well, I am hopeful it will be here soon.

Later 4 U All,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hooray, The Box Arrived

Five days after I called HP to get in home service on my laptop, the shipping box they sent me has arrived. Why a shipping box? Because they refused to service the laptop in home; they in essence said it was to complex a fix. Oh well, at least I can ship it out tomorrow or Friday. That will suck s I will be pretty much without a computer for a week or two. Gotta be done though.
All the best,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lack of Blog Posts...

As you can see, I sure as hell have not been blogging a lot lately. My laptop is on the fritz again, still working but needs repair as a lot of things are going screwy. Once again, HP has told me to ship it to them and will not do an in home repair even though I purchased the friggin expensive additional In Home Warranty.

Besides that, I just have had very little that has been of interest to me lately to blog about. Maybe I should not say that I have not had anything of interest but rather that nothing of interest to me has inspired me to write about it. In others words, while each day may be another day, most of what is going on has been the same old shit and I am not getting a rise out of it.

I am going to guess my laptop will not be fully functional for at least 10 days to two weeks since I have not even received a shipping box from HP yet (screw them, next time I'll probably buy a Dell). More blogging in between now and then but probably not much; more will follow a successful repair when I again have a laptop that is not a pain in the neck to use.

Oh well, I still keep checking on others' blogs and am enjoying many of them very much.

All the best,
Glenn B