Thursday, October 11, 2012

Google Translator Ain't Worth A Damn

Here is the way Google translated the name of my blog over in France:

Ballseye de baby-boomers

Somehow, I think it misses the point. Oh well, what do I care about whether or not the French read my page. Funny thing though, somebody over there took a look at my Marlin 336 disassembly and reassembly post. 

All the best,

Oh The Joys Of Post Radiation Life...

...are seemingly never ending. Tomorrow morning, I will start taking medicine for low thyroid hormone production to boost those hormones. Seems my thyroid has started to get sluggish and probably explains why I have felt like run down crap for the past couple of months or so. Can be due to age and such but they think it probably a product of my having gone through getting my neck broiled by radiation treatments last year. That was over with early  last November but it  apparently just keeps on giving more joy as time goes by.

It is better though than had it not worked. The real bummer is, I will probably have to take this crap for the rest of my life - or so it says in the info sheet from the pharmacy. Then again, if it makes me feel better -  suppose that's going to have to be okay.

At least the doc told me that both my blood pressure and my triglyceride level had dropped. The BP was 124/82. The triglycerides fell from about 450 to a decent normal range, I think 139. I guess that a couple of weeks of cutting out an ice cream bar per night had something to do with them getting lower, maybe cutting back on the beer too. The vodka and other hard spirits, that I have been drinking in place of some of the beer, may have helped there since carbs convert to triglycerides. As usual, my cholesterol levels were very good; they are virtually always good ice cream and beer or not.

The doc also told me, I lost a couple of pounds. That is also good since having low thyroid hormones often means you gain weight. Nice to see I bucked that trend.

All the best,
Glenn B