Sunday, June 17, 2018

Any Way You Cut It...

...these knives are made from nice looking steel. I got them both over the last week.  
Knifemaker and point of origination unknown.
The first, by an unknown maker, is made from Damascus steel. It has a nice look to it. I think it may be an early attempt by a new knifemaker and I say so because the blade is very thick, the handle very big around and it is one of the heaviest knives for it's size that I have ever hefted. It almost seems overdone in those regards like maybe what a new knife maker would do to assure his blade was going to last but then again it might just have been made for a guy with big hands. The guard and pommel appear to be brass but may be brass plated as some small amount of the shiny surface seems to have flaked. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad knife, not by a long shot.

As to its origin, the only indication I saw of where it may have originated was the snap on the sheath. It is the likeness of the state seal of Oklahoma.

There is a tiny mark on the bottom of the rear edge of the blade but to me it looks like an imperfection rather than a maker's mark, then again, I don't know squat about knives.

I won that knife in a firearms raffle. It was a nice extra prize added as a karma bonus for the members of a certain firearms forum who bought tickets in the raffle. I was told the odds were in my favor, I think because I picked up seven tickets plus one for my son and my guess is that other members did not buy too many. So, even if I do not win a gun (like I did last year) or one of the many $500 gun store gift certificates, I won something very nice regardless.

Knifemaker Kevin Johnson.  Simple design but beautiful.
The second knife I got this past week  is a little something I picked up at the Hessney Auction Company's Rod & Gun auction yesterday. It is a very nice dagger made by Kevin Johnson of Kuzach Knives LLC. I got it for a very good price, or at least I think so, @ of a double nickel (courtesy plug for Jen). Considering that the rest of his knives, plain blades and stainless or Dmascus steel were going for anywhere from $75 to more than $100 - I think I did okay. It was one of the plainer looking of his blades that were offered but sometimes simplicity is a beautiful thing and I think this is a fine example of that being true.

Its double edged blade is made from .25" flat stock D2 tool steel and was hardened HRC 60. The handle is black micarta and said to be in coffin shape (how can you not love that for a dagger). The guard is made of aluminum. It is, for its size, one of the lightest blades I have ever hefted; yet it is a big knife with an overall length of 13" (how appropriate for a dagger with a coffin style handle) and a blade length of 8". The auction catalog said it was a toothpick style blade but that is a stretch from what little I know of toothpick style blades. Regardless, it sure is a nice knife and one that I may put to some use.

Coincidence or were the sheaths made by
the same knifemaker / sheath-maker.
There is one characteristic that possibly links these two knives. Like the snap on the sheath of the first kife, the one on the Kevin Johnson dagger also shows the state seal of Oklahoma. Now, it may be a stretch to say that means they were made by the same knifemaker (or sheath-maker) but I suppose it is a hint that such could be the case. Then again, the I another hint that at least the sheaths were made by the same person, the construction of each is very similar. Who knows - maybe coincidence but maybe made by the same set of hands.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of this one nor any of the others.
I own (or have owned) a few of Kevin's knives now, got them all at Hessney auctions. One was a fairly large Damascus steel Bowie knife with Buffalo bone handle. I gave that one to Brendan when I visited him in AR last year. You could probably hack down a tree with it if so inclined. I would hate to be on the receiving end if it was used in a fight.  
Recommended for filleting dragons or larger nasty beasts
and yes, of course: the snap is the seal of OK.
Another one that I gave to Brendan this year when I visited him was a hefty fillet knife. If thar be dragons, you could fillet one of them with that blade!
Beautiful blade and handle and yes all of those snaps bear the seal of OK.
 I have two others of his knives in addition to the one that I got yesterday. They are a trapper with 6" Damascus steel blade and Pakka wood handle.
The only one of my Kevin Johnson knives that has gotten any use to date.
The other is a DNZ B Series 8" (overall) skinner with 440C steel blade and walnut handle. That last one is another wonderful example of beauty being found in simplicity.
I think that is it for the Kevin Johnson knives that are in or have passed though my collection but I suppose there could be another one around here someplace. Certainly, even if that is all of them right now, there are more out there waiting to be added to my collection.
A thought just came to me, I should send Kevin Johnson a pic of the first blade up above and ask if it is one of his creations. Like I said, the snap on each sheath being the same may not be an indication that that knife and my new dagger were both made by the same knifemaker but at least it hints of such.
Later, I will tell you about the guns I got yesterday. One of them as pretty as a picture and I think in a caliber capable of taking every big game animal in North America and although it may b a little light for grizzly and polar bears it could get the job done.
All the best,Glenn B