Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's On The Near Horizon

The it would be the 7th Annual NE Bloggershoot at a super-seKrit location in the northeast. Could be northeast China, or Kamchatka, Sweden or the USA, I am not telling.

It is set to go for August 2, a Saturday so Brendan and I have plans to drive up that way (northeast by northeast) on that Friday. We are hoping to spend two nights up in that neck of he woods and Brendan's girlfriend may come along too. That would be nice, she is a shooter and I have never seen her shoot before as far as my little gray cells can recall. Don't know if she has ever shot a pistol before either but m sure she will shoot at least a few of them at the bloggershoot. It will be held where such will be legal. (I guess that rules out China and Sweden - maybe even Kamchatka.) Now I have to decide if we are going the Motel 6 route or the Holiday Inn route. I am thinking a suite at Holiday Inn if Brendan is willing to split the cost with me. If not, then I am staying at Motel 6.

Now that I have gotten about a bushel of my guns cleaned, I guess I am going to have to start thinking about which ones to bring with us. I'll have to make sure I have enough ammo for whatever I decide to bring; guess it would be good to take hat into consideration before making a definite choice of which guns to drag along. I am pretty sure though that I have ammo for every gun I own and almost enough of it too. Oh the decisions a responsible gun owner has to make just to have some fun.

One thing that I am almost certain to bring - for shooty goodness will be unmixed binary explosive components. Legal and safe to transport, it is only an explosive after the two compounds are mixed and need to be detonated by being shot with a bullet from a high powered round. I think I have about 10 pounds of it to spare somewhere around here. The question relative to that stuff is: Should we set it off in one big boom or several moderate booms. I can't wait to hear and feel the answer. Probably will have to do it in moderate booms because the range is not that long and it may pose a real threat we shooters to set off ten pounds at once at too short a distance. Then there also are the neighbors to be considered. Oh well, probably will be several small booms but should be fun that way too and it will be a lot of booms that way - maybe 20 half pounders!

I am getting myself all fired up for this event. I have been to two of them and they are great - an excellent way to spend the day, great people to hang out with, lots of guns to check out and shoot, lots of gun smoke, maybe a chance to shoot a machinegun and lots more gun smoke, a good number of booms, a good lunch together - just a fine day overall. The night before and the night after the event - we should all be getting together for dinner too. I just wish it was closer to home but then again I live in NY and can never imagine NY allowing machine guns to be shot at a private range meet-up or anywhere at all for that matter.

Almost time for me to hit the hay and if I am lucky, I will dream of the bloggershoot tonight.

All the best,

Monotonous Me,...

...I am still cleaning guns. Only got a few done this evening and that is because I took apart my Henry Survival Rifle and had a bit of a hard time putting it back together. Before that though, I had to find the hammer and two pins that went flying when I took it apart and one of the springs sprung because I was not holding it right. I did a search on hands and knees and found the parts pretty quickly. Luckily for me I did not loose the magazine latch spring like I did back in 2010 when it took me a couple of days to find it and an awfully long time to reassemble it; I am or can be The Great Procrastinator.

After finding the parts tonight, I did not hesitate to make an attempt at putting it back together once I cleaned everything up. I searched around for a video on YouTube and found a decent one on how to disassemble and reassemble the receiver.

It was pretty much a snap (yeah right) getting it back together after that or should I say as soon as I realized how much a dental pick would come in hand. Grabbed one and got the trigger spring mounted on its corresponding pin correctly and fairly easily. I could have used a third hand or a vise to help it along but got it done and when I did a function check everything (the bolt, the safety, the trigger, the hammer, mag release) all moved and clicked at the right moment and nothing went crunch. I guess it is back together right. I have to remember to watch the video first next time before trying to take it apart. The last time I took that particular gun down that far may have been in 2012 so I was a little rusty tonight.

Later 4 U,

Coming Home To A Nice Warm Pussy...

...can be a wonderful experience. Take for instance the case of  Fin The Ragdoll greeting his owner Nick when he returns from military drill (source):

Yeah, I know, had I seen that title I would have thought the same thing as most men probably thought and I too would have been a little disappointed when I saw the video. What did you expect, this is a family blog - well, sort of anyway.

All the best,