Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Little March Madness

This is a sample of some of the ammo I bought last month. It's just over 3K rounds; all in all though I purchased about 4.5 K rounds of ammo last month. Sadly, I shot most of it up already and the rest was lost in a boating accident.

I had been replenishing my ammo stock since I disposed of some before moving out of NY. Having about 50K rounds or more in NY - I had too much to load into the rental van with all my other stuff. So, to make up for what I sold in NY, since I got to TX I've been buying some every month. Then when I realized that the Saudi - Russian oil spat had driven the price of oil down and that the Rona V was already wreaking havoc with everything and toilet paper was in short supply - I knew ammo was not far behind of flying off the shelves and decided to buy - buy -buy!

I decided to get as much as I could in short order before it ran out or the prices went up sky high. Well, Target Sports USA had all of this plus more except for the pictured case of TulAmmo 7.72x39mm ammo that I bought from Luckily, I got all the ammo I ordered in March at regular retail prices, minus my Prime membership discount of 8%, at Target Sports USA with the case from RKGuns also going for its normal price there too. Places like Customers Are Dirt had already raised their prices higher than any normal person could afford by the time I ordered most of this but these two retailers stuck with their normal prices until the ammo essentially ran out and they had to replenish at somewhat higher prices if they could replenish their sock. Yet, they did not and as far as I know still are not price gouging as are some other online ammo dealers.

Missing from the photo are another 100 rounds Prvi Partizan 180 grain 300 WIN MAG, 500 rounds of Aguila 22 Short (both already delivered just not in the pic), 200 rounds of Winchester Super-X 200 grain 35 REM MAG and 500 rounds of CCI 22 short plated round nose ammo - on order but yet to be delivered (and it's been almost 3 weeks for those but they willget here sooner or later since they were ordered from TSUSA).

I figured even if the oil disagreement goes away, and COVID-19 dies off, we still have the 2020 election upcoming and if for some reason it looks like a demoncrat can win - ammo will disappear altogether from the shelves of retailers so I had best get it when I got it. 

I also have 4 pistols scheduled to be delivered to me tomorrow and another that has not yet shipped from the Hessney Auction Co.. Add to that a bayonet and a few mystery rifle magazines and I am almost ready for Armageddon. Oh yeah - yes I do have TP and booze. If I run out of food, I have a hunting and fishing license.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Easter

Wishing those who celebrate it a Happy Easter and also hoping those who celebrated Passover had a happy one (sorry I forgot to post a happy Passover  post this year).

All the best,
Glenn B