Sunday, January 28, 2018

Such A Deal...

...and in fact it was so good of a deal, I have to say it must have been one of the easiest I have ever made and produced a nice profit. A few weeks ago or so, I ordered two pairs of 5.11 Taclite Pro Pants from Optics Planet. They had a decent deal in that almost every pair was about $10.00 and they offer free standard shipping. To make it even better, the particular size I wanted, in black and only in black, gave me another $5.00 off. So instead of paying the usual $49.99, I only paid to pay $34.99. As if that was not good enough, the pants came with a free gift - one that was actually something right on target for me - a 5.11 Singe Pistol Case. So, what did I do but order two pairs of pants in separate orders to assure I got a pistol case with each pair. Too bad I did not order a couple or few more pairs but the discount was only applicable to the exact size I wanted in black - yes I tried green and khaki and neither the $ discount nor the bag came with the ones in my size in other colors - and I only needed two pairs in that color. 

The pistol cases by themselves sell for $29.99 each and that price is shown on both on the 5.11 site and any other website I searched. Today, I got $20.00 each for them. Such a deal but alas that deal is kaput!

All the best,
Glenn B