Sunday, April 23, 2017


I shot a perfect score today while qualifying with my Glock 26 for my armed guard license and LEOSA and a 245 out of 250 with my Ruger Redhawk for the same qualifications. I must have gotten the windage spring in correctly and set the windage adjustment just right to center it because most of my shots were pretty much near center going left to right. As far as the elevation adjustment went, well I had screwed around with the elevation adjustment screw when trying to figure out how to the windage screw back into the read sight. When I set it again, I did not get it quite right. Most of my shots were somewhat low. I need to sight it in better. I would have done that today except for the fact that after firing 50 rounds of 44 REM MAG my right hand was not in any condition to take any additional punishment. In fact, it still aches and tingles a little - I guess because I am not used to firing that hand cannon. Anyway, I plan to bring it down to AR when I visit my son and should have plenty of time to sight it in down there. Next time I shoot it though, I think I will wear gloves or have new grips on it like a set of Pachmayr grips.

All the best,