Saturday, April 29, 2023

Just When You...

 ...thunk you dun seens it all, along comes an AR woman who maybe out does them all by taking you one step beyond the outer limits of Bizarro World's twilight zone:

Meth, the breakfast of psychos!

Why did I ever move to AR!!!
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Placed A Few Bids At An Online Gun Auction Yesterday

These are the items on which I placed the high bids:

Glock Model 41 GEN 4 - 45 AUTO




Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Stainless




If the Ruger is as nice looking close up in my hands as it looks in the pics, I may have to sell my blued version of the same model.

Savage/Stevens Model 94C Hammered - 12 Gauge


This one may or may not become a project gun. I may reblue it, do new case color, refinish the wood. Not sure about that yet though.

Other Items:

As if those did not cost enough, I also had the high bids on another 18 lots of gun related and non-gun related lots such as:

Four boxes of Hornady .376 Steyr 270-grain SP-RP Interlock ammo, a spam can of 7.62x39mm ammo, several mags, several gun books, a Bianchi holster, a Lansky sharpening kit with three knives including a Camillus military folder, a Speer bullet board (always wanted one but damn they go for lots of money), several other knives, an axe, a cleaver, Fredrick Remington's 'Buckskins - Portraits of the Old West' consisting of eight portraits in a folder, a Victorian reverse painting on glass of a winter scene in gold frame - frame size: approx. 25" x 29" . I've been watching too much of Antiques Road show (actually my son had me bid on that one but I would have bid on it if he did not - a man has to dream of striking it rich on a find like this one - who knows).

I saved what may be the best (other than the guns and maybe even better than them) for last and if it was actually taken from the ship it is golden even though it looks to be made of brass.

I did a Google search of the ship and found it was named after Lt. John Trippe from the early 1800s. His story is a very interesting one, there is an article about him at Wikipedia; the shame of it all is the ironic way he died after having been a valiant warrior & leader in several battles and being wounded in at least one of them while serving in the U.S. Navy. His heroics evidently impressed the U.S. Navy so much that so far - four ships have been named after him!

This is the one relative to the plaque:


It was an expensive day for me and my son yesterday as I placed bids on many of the items for him. We dropped well over a grand each with the old man outspending the young one by a couple or few hundred. It's an addiction I can live with and enjoy.
All the best,
Glenn B


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgenders - Pretenders All & Nothing More

 The lyrics of this song, one of my all time favorites by the way, in my view pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to men supposedly becoming women and women supposedly becoming men even though it was an inadvertent connection; I am certain the Platters never even dreamed of it doing so.
Sex change, for humans, is complete and absolute bullshit. It is nothing more or less than people trying to become something they are not and never will become, that despite many of them having themselves physically mutilated by doctors who are, in my opinion, no more than sicko quacks. In my estimation, it happens because they are mentally ill and unable to cope with the world and any issues they face and they have a morbid need to have it their way no matter how unnatural. I think they are hiding from their problems, their inability to cope normally, and their failure to accept the most basic principles of self responsibility by pretending to be that which they are not - not even for a second. As I see it, that goes for the mentally ill who choose to do so to themselves and for the quacks who: encourage them to undergo such procedures against nature, perform the operations, dole out hormone therapy and whatever else they do to the poor victims who try to change their sex by way of becoming nothing more than grotesque pretenders.
Among humankind, no male is a female and no female is a male and yes there are the very few seemingly born into both sexes known as hermaphrodites but even they, for the most part, turn out to develop as one or the other and accept themselves for what they are and many supposedly accept that with which they were endowed by nature. Now some may have an operation to enhance or remove genitalia but only in as much as they developed into one sex or the other as I understand.
It truly is a sad state of affairs that some leftist loonies actually believe that an actual change of sex can occur and a so called transgender man can give birth to a baby but such have many of the people of our country (and many others) become the epitome of Bizarro World.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 16, 2023

If I Lived In A Chaotic City Like Chicago...

 ...or Portland (OR), Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fransicko Francisco, New York, Philadelphia or many others, I am of the opinion that would arm myself whether or not it was legal for me to do so. I say that because of violence like that reported on in this linked article and because I value my life and the lives of other innocent folks who wind up being victims because they could not defend themselves successfully against such barbarians. If the law was to say I cannot arm myself to defend myself or others from such violent scum, I would strongly consider violating that law. When these thugs are attacking you and you are in fear of death or serious bodily injury,I am of the belief that you should be ready, willing and ABLE to fight back. Sure, it would be better to avoid conflict but when it is all around you and attacking you - then you should fight back as I see it. Stopping them is the goal but if you kill one or more of them while trying to stop them in order to protect yourself & other innocents - from serious bodily harm or death - tough noogies for them. What they need, it seems to me, is instant justice by way of armed self-defense meted out by the attacked victim(s). I am not condoning illegal behavior, just considering I might do it if I lived in places like those mentioned and am most assuredly supporting the concept of a natural right, that of self defense in order for the targets of such attacks to remain alive, hale and injury free.
By the way, look at the video & photos in the article. Were they purposefully chosen to be included because for the most part they show the sides & backs of the rioters, very few are seen from the front. Really, do it, look at those photos & the video carefully. How many different racial groups of apparent troublemakers do you see in them? I see 4 or 5 individuals (other than law enforcement), who are evidently walking in the opposite direction of the mob who seemingly are not of the same race or ethnicity as all (or at least the great majority) of the rioters. I am not being racist, I am stating a fact as I see it. It kind of, sort of really dismays me that there is not a clear picture of the group from an angle that would allow the viewer to see the faces of most of them and I wonder if that was purposeful on the part of the main stream mud slinging media. My bet would be: Yes, it was just that - done purposefully.
All the best,
Glenn B

Promise To Be Back Soon - or - Am Back As Of Now

 Between the laptop going kerflooey; me feeling not so well on and off, my income tax returns (that I was finished with about two weeks ago, then had to redo all over again because Tax Act had them do a disappearing act & could not retrieve my returns), then when redoing them to find out there were a few mistakes that even the so called Tax Act experts could not figure out (but with their assistance going over the forms on my NY & AR state returns, I luckily & happily figured out more or less myself because while they helped reviewing them they did not have a clue how to fix them but steered me in the right direction to see the errors I had made); the dismal news on how China is close to starting WW III after Biden has totally screwed up our National Security (probably because they have the goods on him relative to corruption on his part); what with Biden cutting oil production, pushing for electric vehicles, ovens & such while depleting the Strategic Oil Reserves of the United States (which were supposedly only to be used strategically as the name implies - like during time of war); all this transgender bullshit of people who are in essence spoiled rotten brats wanting to be what they want to be - even though impossible such as a man becoming woman - just because they want to be it and screw the rest of us who are normal folks satisfied more or less with what we are endowed by nature; the cancel culture mentality of the leftists; the anti-Constitutional behavior of several states and of the federal government; the border crisis destroying the sovereignty of the USA; those on the right giving in relative to almost everything that the leftists demand no matter how crazy; and all the other crap in the news that is making me sick - I have not had the incentive to blog about anything.

Well, the taxes are done (getting a refund of substantial amount even after my wife gets her 40% of it), they all have been sent in and at least the federal & NY forms accepted. Time will tell for AR because I was required to mail them to AR in paper format - totally ridiculous I could not submit them electronically as like the others just because I need not pay any tax in AR due to a certain exemption. Anyway completing the taxes has been a big relief. 
The laptop is working more or less okay but not at 100% so it still needs a bit of a fix but that can wait. I am coping with all the other stinking shit stuff a bit better and decided that not writing about it or anything is not the key of how to handle it at least for me.

So, hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to blog I soon will go. In fact, I guess I just started over again.

All the best and thanks for standing by,
Glenn B