Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gone Hunting - Light or No Blogging...

...and definitely no deer, at least not today. First day out, had a nice spot, a couple of apple trees, lots of heavily used deer trails into and out of it, lots of deer sign, a few rubs, a scrape nearby nothing early on but I sort of figured this as a late afternoon deer stop. We stayed there until about 1:30 and my son asked if we could leave since his tendinitis was acting up and he was in a lot of pain. That sucks big time. Not that he asked me to leave but that a 23, soon to be 24, year old youngster is stuck with a condition like that because his doctor prescribed him Levaquin about 2 years ago. It also sucks because he did not even see a deer. He will either leave tonight or tomorrow morning since he has work tomorrow afternoon and will leave without any venison. I am hoping he will come up with me again for just a day in the next few weeks and maybe we will have luck on our side for a change and he will bag one.

Me, I should be here another day or two. Will try another area tomorrow, with which I am none too familiar but where I have an antlerless deer permit.

All the best,