Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shame Will Have Me Seeking New Employment

Every now and then I think I should find another job. I have a part time, on call, security guard job. I work in offices that do work for USCIS. I do not actually work for USCIS, or even the company that does the work for USIS, I work for a contractor who supplies security guards to them. It rubs me the wrong way that I see people virtually every day I am at work whom I believe do not merit being in this country with any kind of legal status. Sure, many of the folks I deal with are hard working legal immigrants who came here to live the American dream. Others are asylum cases who came here to escape the persecution in their countries. Some asylum cases, no doubt in my mind, are folks who came here illegally and then claimed political asylum just to stay here to work the system to their benefit. I also would venture a guess that some I have seen are here to try to destroy America, terrorist types or sympathizers. Let me make it clear, that is the gut feeling I get from just a very few of them, could be wrong could be right, who knows. As I said, most are here for the American Dream and I can live with that and even encourage it to some degree. The other stuff gets under my skin and then there is DHS and the agencies within it that really make me ashamed.

As you may know already, I retired from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) which used to be known as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Investigations. They decided on a name change when ICE overall started to get really bad publicity several years ago. The bad publicity has not stopped and each time I hear and read more of it, I shudder to think I worked for that outfit of misfits. Well, let me make that clear, many if not most of the special agents were above board but the mid to upper management was horrendous and obviously a bunch of political arse kissers onboard, I think, only to push Obama's Islamization of America.

While I worked there, up until the most recent surveys, DHS got the worst scores in annual morale surveys and ICE scored worst out of all the agencies under DHS, (and HSI is still technically part of ICE) . It sucked working there and apparently still does. HSI and ICE were born out of DHS which was the cluster fuck knee jerk reaction of the Bush administration that has been perpetrated, even expanded under Obama and it just keeps getting worse under the current administration. That I worked there was by mandate not so much choice, who knew it would become the cluster fuck it has turned into. Having been a career agent and near retirement I slugged it out until I was ready to retire. I was pretty much too old to transfer to another agency, they wanted younger guys. So I suffered through it. How I wish my retirement credentials said I retired from the now defunct U.S. Customs Service Office of Investigations but they say DHS and HSI (and one says ICE). Customs was top notch.

I am happy I left but am ashamed when I hear of each new screw-up committed by  DHS, ICE and any other agencies under DHS or ICE. DHS is the most clueless department and ICE the worst agency I have witnessed in the government. From TSA searching babies, to ICE failing to deport criminal who then wind up killing citizens, to their agents losing their guns and then the guns being used in murders they are bad. Another agency, under DHS, evidently all too capable of only screwing-up seems to be USCIS. You may recall that after the shootings in San Bernardino, ICE agents went to a USCIS office to grab ahold of the man who allegedly supplied the weapons to the terrorists who were the San Bernardino shooters; he had an appointment scheduled at the USCIS office that day. The USCIS boss allegedly refused to allow entry of five armed ICE (probably HSI) agents into the offices for well over an half an hour by making them wait for her. She also allegedly lied to agents of the Inspector General's office when what she did was investigated. Well, this evening, I just read that she has been nominated to receive an award for valor but the government will not disclose why. I have to wonder, does Obama consider her conduct courageous because she delayed an investigation of a conspirator of Muslim terrorists!  It would not surprise me.

Regardless of why she has been nominated, in my opinion she does not deserve it no matter what she may have done to be nominated. Hell, an Inspector General's report found she acted both improperly by delaying the agents (the suspect did not keep his appointment but had he, he may have eluded agents because of the delay). The report also supposedly found shed lied to Inspector General's investigators. For all of my 32 years plus in government service there were two things that almost certainly would get you fired. One was stealing government funds and the other was lying to investigators who were investigating your conduct. Lying was the one more likely to assure your termination. Yet, this woman still works in a high level position for USCIS and has been nominated for one of the agency's highest awards. It truly shame me to admit to folks I work for a company who is contracted by USCIS.

So, this weekend, I will be looking for a new job. No, I am not quitting immediately. Let's face it, I need money like the rest of us, I have a family to support, but I will be looking for a new job and doing so in earnest.

All the best,
Glenn B

AG - We May never Know Orlando Shooter's Motive

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been reported to have said we may never know the motivation for the shootings in Orlando. She was never an idiot like that whenshe was an AUSA NY. So I have to ask, what type Kool-Aid given her to drink and what the fuck is wrong with her and with all the others in the Obama administration. Why can they not face facts!

The shooter avowed his support for ISIS. What more motive do you need and if you do need more of a motive why need more other than it was obviously an act of terror targeting a group detested by Muslims and that group is homosexuals. You can bet that the wicked witch of Little Rock thinks likewise. Just one more reason to vote for Trump, at least he acknowledges the reality of why this guy did it.

All the best,