Friday, October 2, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer Results

Here is a link to the team standings for the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser during September 2015 (as of the latest team standings info when I typed this):

I think an amazing amount of money was raised in one month for just about 350 donations. I have to hand it to the top two teams - they raised an outstanding amount of money for the cause and the first place team - Team Dragon - destroyed the competition!

I again want to send out a really big thank you to everyone who donated through team Glenn B. As per the team standings, we had 19 donations amounting to $580; however the final count has not been tallied and by my calculations we had at least 21 donations amounting to a total of $755. All who sent me a receipt for their donations through Team Glenn B will be entered in the raffle drawing this weekend. I will announce the winners sometime on Sunday evening.

By the way, if anyone has donated and not sent me your receipt and received acknowledgement from me that I got it - please let me know in a comment here or email me again. I cannot enter anyone into the raffle if I am not aware of their donations. The people I am aware of so far, who donated to KTKC through Team Glenn B are:

Pete Angelino
Nancy Aquila
Ed Barton
Ray Barrett
Rose Carducci
David Chan
Ed Dempsey
Bob Devine
Frank Dominguez
Maria Imburgia
Herb Kaufer
Alex Killie
Hubert Kostron
Bob McCrossen
D.J. McSweeney
Tim O'Brien
Maria Rey
John Schultz
Al Steinmark
Mike Vannacore
Steve Yagoda
Thanks again to all who donated.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sgt. Schultz's Long Lost Daughter

There is a definite family resemblance - isn't there?
A hat tip and my thanks to Mike G for sending me that one.
All the best,
Glenn B