Monday, August 11, 2014

Awakenings Nevermore...

...except in reruns. This was a bit of a shock: Robin Williams was found dead of a reported apparent suicide (source).

I guess he was a pretty darned good actor although I will admit I did not like much of his acting after Mork & Mindy. That NaNu NaNu stuff was a riot. I saw him in few movies after that, there was just something about him that creeped me out. I must say though, I was moved by the movie Awakenings, that was great and he was good in it along with DeNiro. Another of the few of his movies I have watched all the way through was Mrs. Doubtfire, it was okay. I also saw Hook but was not too impressed. Then again, I have to admit, he was excellent in The Birdcage and even better in The Survivors with Walter Matthau. Not trying to debase him, just saying he was not my favorite actor but I know he was a good one. He sure had his following and I know millions loved him and will miss him greatly.

All the best,
Glenn B