Saturday, February 27, 2021

Some Kansas Hunting

Brendan, my son, headed to Dexter, KS yesterday with some of his buddies, I am guessing from work, to go pheasant hunting. To my knowledge, other than clay pigeons, he's never been bird hunting before. 

They hunted at a private lodge today and he got his limit of ring-necked pheasants - which was 4 birds per hunter (damned expensive birds too, think it was $450 for the day). He said some of his pals did not even get off a shot and some others did not get the limit and others just missed their birds altogether. He got the most birds of anyone in the group. That he got his limit put a smile on my face for sure as did the fact that he got the most birds of anyone. That he told me "That 870 U got me went to work", about the Remington 870 Express combo gun, with laminate stock and 3" chambers, that I had given him several years ago also put a smile on my face. So far this year, with two guns I have given him, he has done very well on his hunts. Shot an 8 point buck (his first buck ever) earlier this year in AR with a Savage rifle I won I a raffle at a gun show and now the pheasants with the 870 I gave him. I think he also used the 870 last year when he got a doe in AR. Makes his pops proud, outstanding is all I can think about it!


That's his 870 with the wood stock. I am happy to see the chamber is open. 

Going to visit him later this week, hoping for a tasty meal.

All the best,
Glenn B