Monday, November 3, 2014

Folks We Met At The Blogger Shoot

This blogger shoot in West Virginia, like previous ones we attended in NH, had a lot of great folks in attendance. We reacquainted ourselves with some old faces and met some new ones too. Now I am terrible on names and putting them with faces so forgive me if you were there and I cannot remember which one you were.  I'll give it my best. Among the shooters Brendan an/or I had met before were:

1. Bubblehead Les (blog here)

2. Jay G (blog here)

3 & 4. Nancy and her daughter (blog here) {Nancy not only brought the Brown Bess but also a huge coffee pot that I supposed got filled with it; I didn't have any though, not after three big mugs for breakfast; her daughter brought a cute smile and one heck of a colorful hat}

Among those we were meeting for the first time were:

5. Aaron (blog here) {helped Ross with organizing the shoot}

6. Bruce

7. & 8. Cara and Hayden (wife and husband now living in the US but both originally from across the pond, they love the liberty to own and shoot in this country or at least in free states like WV)

9. Cindy (set up the pub stop after the shoot, sadly the one we did not attend)

10. David

11. Joby

12. John

13. Keads (blog here) {ran the pin shoot and helped collect donations for the fight against cancer}

14. Larry (had a 50 caliber Barrett that I somehow missed shooting)

15. Maureen (number one in the bowling pin shoot)

16. The Miller (blog here)

17. Jovian Thunderbolt (blog here, coolest blog name ever)

18. Old NFO (blog here) {very nice to meet the man, at last}

19. Ross - aka: Murphy (blog here) {organized the whole shoot}

20. Stretch (very nice gentleman, I'll be darned if I can remember his real name but yes he got that nickname for the obvious reason usually associated with it)

Wow, that's all 22 of us if you throw me and Brendan into the mix. It's not that I actually remembered everyone's names but Ross remembered them and had them posted on his blog - so I sort of borrowed them for this post. I can only put 14 of those names together with faces but imagine I will get them down better at the next one of these that Brendan and I attend in WV. I can say this though, without a doubt, they are all very nice folks and I hope to see them all again soon.

All the best,
Glenn B