Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ballseyes Gun Shots 97 - Men With Guns, Men On A Mission

Later today, Brendan and I will be off to the range. Our range trip today will be somewhat different from the norm in that we will be on a sort of a mission. Our task today pretty much requires us to go to the indoor range so we will not be bringing along some of the larger caliber rifles and probably will bring mostly 22s but those should fit in with the job we need to do. That job will be to teach one of my friends and possibly his son how to shoot. It has been quite the while since I have brought a new shooter into the flock and I am pretty sure it will be a first for Brendan. I suppose as I taught him to shoot, I guess I also taught him to instruct others in how to shoot. I surely gave him most of the basics on that though never in a formal manner. Yet, I am certain he is up to the task of helping a couple of newbies enter the shooters' world today. I am confident he will do well.

Now as for my friend, I guess I am also confident he will do well, his son too if he comes along. I am hopeful both if them will be there since bringing in two new folks to our ranks is simply twice as good as bringing in one and the whole buddies with their sons thing sounds like a fun afternoon.

For now, I've got to go get some rifles and ammo picked out. Later, I'll tell you how it all worked out.

All the best,