Monday, September 11, 2006

I did not forget to blog yesterday... was due to a combination of me being busy with other things and with an anniversary. That anniversary had me not thinking, or not wanting to think, at all about today - but today - how can I not think about 9/11. So I took a break from thinking about blogging yesterday on that other anniversary - if only because I knew I would have to blog today on this one.

You see, yesterday will forever be the anniversary of our last day of innocence. That is true whether we care to admit it or not. I don't mean to say that we as a nation are guilty of anything. As far as nations go, as far as morality goes (a universal morality as to what is good regardless of national, ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds), as far as good versus evil goes (yes there are things known as good and evil even for atheists) the United States of America is one of the top 5 nations in the world, maybe even number one. What I mean to say by loss of innocence is that our eyes were opened, first hand, in a horrendously shocking way, to the facts that: we are hated by others if for nothing else than for the good in us because it disagrees with their plans to conquer and subjugate the population of the world... Wait a minute did I say facts, well I need go no further; that one fact is more than enough, but if you need others here they are: Our eyes were opened, at least some of our eyes were opened to the facts that we are easy targets for terrorism. We need to do something drastic to fight terrorism and save our way of living and our lives. There are a lot of out and out whining wussies in this country who would rather bad mouth the political opposition than get the job done.

What is wrong with that type of person that I just mentioned is beyond me. I don't know if it is a brain malfunction (I sort of doubt it because it seemingly affects so many), a lifestyle (I sort of think it must be) that has caused them to become spoiled little brats who have to have it their way without any inconvenience now, without any opposition, without any intelligent thought being put into deciding which way it should be, without any thought that they may actually be a target of some evil (the desire to remain innocent), without real thought as to the long term outcome of their being ridiculously selfish. Along these lines, certain people in this country want us to believe that if we just try to appease our enemies, first of all by claiming they are not truly our enemies and trying to make our own president look like our enemy, then our real enemies (those guys who attacked us 5 years ago, those who attacked us for many years before that but usually overseas, those guys who are still out to get us) will somehow either disappear or become our friends.

The fact is that they will not become our friends. The fact is that hard core Muslim extremists will always be the enemies of anyone in the world who is not a Muslim extremist, even moderate Muslims. The fact is that Islam allows for such to happen without other Muslims rising up against the so called extremists (is this due to fear of the extremists, or acceptance of their creed - you have to wonder because some of the so called moderates almost seem to defend them).

The fact is that, I see it as Islam being a religion that breeds extremism, and that seeks to convert or do away with those who are not Muslims. This is just as Christianity once was a brutal religion regarding conversions and heretics; that required a big change which took place during the reformation and afterwards. Islam too needs a big change. The fact is that those Muslims who do not readily stand up against Muslim Extremists, are in my mind, either scared to inaction and silence, advocating terrorists, supportive of terrorists, or are terrorists. I am not a whimp when it comes to saying such, nor will I be a whimp when it comes to defending the Constitution of the USA, or defending her people - no matter who they are so long as they support and uphold her constitution. In that light I will never forget September 10, 2001 - our last day of innocence; nor will I ever forget September 11, 2001. Nor will I ever mistake who are our true enemies.

I suggest you all think about what I just said. There is not all that much word wise to think about, but there sure is a lot meaning wise. If you are a true American (nationally, I do not me continentally) then get off your butts to support your nation and your president in the war against terrorism, because terrorists want to convert or kill Americans (and kill seems preferable to them). You don't have to agree with President George W. Bush; but you do have to support efforts to put an end to global terrorism; otherwise you are less than loyal to your country. Putting an end to terrorism is not an easy task, it is a nasty one. It probably requires killing lots of people who want to kill us. It also requires a lot of diplomacy. It also requires a lot of soul searching, and a lot of real thinking. This is what is being dome by those in power in the government, whether you think so or not. Whether they are doing it the absolute best way or not, they are doing it; and until someone actually has a better plan let's go with the one we have. Hear a lot of complaining but no planning other than to pull out, or pull back. What is the plan for actually dealing with the threat, for defeating the threat, for ending the threat that these others have? Whining will not solve the problem, brute force and gun-boat diplomacy may certainly do so; at least in the beginning stages - which may last for many more years.

Our leaders are doing, for the most part, what they believe is in your best interests, they are trying to protect us from annihilation. I would say this regardless of who was in office. I voted once for GWB, I did not vote the second term because of a work commitment, I was called out of state at the last moment and could not vote. Yet I may have voted for him again, but I may not have voted for the position of president because I think he has made some glaring mistakes. Still I do not think all that many about terrorists. There I think he is on track, just maybe not forcefully enough.

Whether or not you agree with me, I ask you to take a long time today to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001. I ask you to reflect upon the almost 3,000 lives that were lost that day. Then I ask that you reflect on other events, such as: the recent foiled plot to blow up several passenger aircraft flying from England to the USA, the outwardly treasonous speeches given by imams in England, the home grown terrorists in England – all English citizens by birth but all seemingly anti-English Islamofacists at heart, the recent war in Lebanon, the attacks of Israel that led to the war in Lebanon, the car burnings in France – committed by ethnic youths as per the news – some said all Muslims, the violence in Pakistan, the violence in India, the violence in Indonesia, the North Koreans trying to build nukes, the Iranians trying to build nukes and calling for the utter destruction of Israel and of the great Satan (guess who that would be), the bombings in the disco that killed scores of Australians and others (was that in Malaysia or Indonesia?) a couple of years ago or so, the train bombings in Spain (in which the Spanish capitulated to the enemy, thereby becoming the enemy much like the French in WWII), the attempted shoe bomber plot, the foiled plots and several arrests of terrorists in Germany, the riots over cartoon depictions of Mohammad (and hundreds of thousands participated in those riots), the guy who tried to smuggle in a car load of explosives from Canada to the USA a few years back, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade center, the Oklahoma City bombing (yes a homegrown terrorist who was not Muslim), the bombing of the USS Cole, the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya, the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, and many other foiled plots.

What do all of the above events have in common, they apparently are all acts of terrorism. What do all but two of them have in common, they are all acts of Muslims who claim to be fighting us (by us I mean the infidel or the non-Islamic) in the name of Islam. Folks, it is time to get your head out of the sand before it happens again. Give support to those who want to destroy our enemies. No, you do not have to support every aspect of everything that your politicians want to do; that would be ridiculous (or miraculous in that one guy knows how to actually do it all, and get it right). Yet, you should be supporting the real hard core efforts to rid the world of the vermin who want to either make you like them, or destroy you. When it comes right down to it, you have to make a decision to survive or not survive; and you are not going to survive with your head buried in the sand while your ass is up in the air like a big bull’s eye.

Finally, whether you are religious or not - you can pray for, meditate about, reflect upon, think about, give a thought to, feel for those people who lost their lives on 9/11, the worst attack ever on the United States of America. You can also think about those who did the act, think about their way of life, think about the terror they want to inflict upon us, think about the terror they inflict upon their own people. They are scum, think about that hard.

You can also do the same for our future - think about it, and reflect too upon our past. We are one of the most generous nations on this earth, even after 9/11 we helped the victims of the Tsunami (by the great majority Muslims). Weigh our good against our bad then compare that to our enemies, see what you come up with. Then make a decision about what needs to be done and who (across party lines) you would trust to do a better job of getting it done. Then give your support to those folks, give it whole heartedly, otherwise you may wind up dead sooner than you think. There is no other reason to vote for a candidate this fall that will be more important than our own security. If we are not secure, then we will have fallen, and we will no longer be Americans. Think about that right up until the moment you cast your vote this November.

Now, I am going to reflect upon September 11, 2001, and give a thought and a prayer (even though I am not religious I still pray in my own way)for all those who lost their lives: in New York at the WTC, in the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and in the fields of Pennsylvania. I will also do the same for all those brave souls who have lost their lives, or their limbs, fighting terrorism throughout the world.

Stay safe if you can, but don't try to stay safe by appeasing terrorists, it will only cause you to lose in the end. Fight terrorism with every breath you have in you.

Best regards,
Glenn B