Thursday, January 8, 2015

New High End Terrorist Attacks? How Easily They Forget!

Former CIA director, Michael Hayden has been quoted as calling the terrible terrorist attack in Paris yesterday "the high end of the new genre of attacks.” He in essence is reported to have said that larger scale attacks are more easily thwarted and that terrorists have now resorted to this more sophisticated type of attack that involves shootings like the one in Paris, drive-by shootings and the unsuccessful attempt to detonate explosives in Times Square (source).

How soon these bureaucrats seem to forgotten all of the other similar 'high end' terrorist attacks, in the name of Islam, that have been taking place for decades, if not longer. A few I can think of, in fairly recent memory, that took place within our own country and with which Hayden should be familiar were:

The 1994 Brooklyn Bridge Shooting

The 2009 Fort Hood Shootings

The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

There are many, many more examples that can be found worldwide of Muslim extremists using like methods to effect a reign of terror. In fact, using such methods as small scale bombings, drive by shootings, hit team shootings (for want of a better term, like the one in Paris) and lone wolf attacks have been favorites of terrorists of all religions, of all nationalities and of every political ilk for centuries not just decades. Only a truly ignorant moron could call that type of terrorist attack, that took place in Paris yesterday, the high end of a new genre of attacks - and to think he was the head of both the NSA and CIA.

All the best,
Glenn B