Thursday, December 13, 2007

Started Christmas Shopping Tonight...

Yes folks, I honestly started my Christmas shopping tonight (well since it is almost 0100Am as I write, I guess I really started last night) Wow that is kind of early for me to start my shopping; but I guess it is a good thing. of course I have been thinking about what to get everyone, but as usual I have no clue. At least this is true with regard to my family. I have been trying to figure out for weeks now just what to give to my wife for Christmas. I have no clue. Of course she would like to go on a cruise to somewhere nice, but I think that will be out of the picture until after I retire next year. Who knows though, maybe we can swing one of those 5 day cruises to the Caribbean or something like that. If I do that though, we may not have any cash for a month or two. Oh well,m such is life in the big time. Really though, beyond a cruise, I have no idea as to what to pick out for her. Time will tell whatever I decide upon.

As to the kids, they should be easier. I got the birthday presents for both Brendan and Celina this year (Brendan just turned 18, and Celina is about to turn 23). So I probably can get away with dumping giving the task of Christmas shopping for them onto my wife. Linda is good like that, but I will hold off giving her the chore for a while yet as I look here and there for a good idea of what to get the young ones. I guess half the fun is trying to figure out what to get them and then tracking it down.

The shopping I started tonight was of a different nature than for the family. First I bought a couple of small but nice gifts for one of my doctors and his receptionist Ashley. Then, I stopped at a liquor store and picked up a few bottles of spirits. I got two Irish Cream Liquor sets, a bottle of Irish Cream Liquor with 2 glasses; and I also got a couple of bottles of wine, and an Amaretto set (a bottle of Amaretto and a couple of fancy glasses) as Christmas presents for co-workers. I like to spread the Holiday Spirit by giving out spirits; and what better way to do so that to give something that allows the receiver to enjoy a warm glow to the cheeks and some relaxation to boot all while enjoying something rather tasty. (Drink responsibly.) Now that I think of it, I forgot to get myself a bottle of something; and maybe that was because I was busy talking to the young lady behind the counter and just forgot everything else once I started ogling her curves and pretty face we started having a nice conservation. Somehow the conversation got to guns, she thinks they are cool, and would like to learn how to shoot. It seems I may have a new student shooter on my hands after the holidays when time allows.

Maybe all that was a portent, and I should wait for mine own bottle(s) of spirits until I get to go to the beer distributor and just pick up some fine ale for myself and the jolly old elf who will be visiting. I hear Santa and his helpers have an affinity for finer ales. Of course I also happen to know for a fact, based upon past experience, that they also just love Irish Cream Liquor, Irish Whiskey, Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Jaegermeister, and quite a few others - so I may have to head back to the liquor store too.

By the way, I was not kidding above when I wrote: Drink Responsibly. Drinking can be a pleasant experience but not if you get smashed and then screw up. Jail and a guilty conscience are not worth the few drinks you had to get there. So don't drink to excess, don't combine drink and drugs (I am talking legal prescription and over the counter stuff - don't even consider taking illegal stuff), never drink to excess if you have to drive, handle machinery, watch kids, be responsible for something important, or do any other task in which someone could be injured (and so on...); and don't drink if it is not legal for you to do so. If under 21, have a coke or a root beer.

All the best,
Glenn B