Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"12 million undocumented Americans"...

... are the words that Senator Majority Leader harry Reid used to describe the illegal aliens who are thought to be within our borders. He said this on or about June 4th, and surprisingly you can still read his words here: http://democrats.senate.gov/newsroom/record.cfm?id=275444&. As you can see, I waited a bit to write about this one; and I waited if only to allow the possibility of my head exploding in anger over this one. Is this the way the leftists like Reid and George Bush (make no mistake about it, George W. Bush is about as far left as any left leaning Republicans I have ever known about) will try to bamboozle the true American people into acceptance of what amounts to amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens. Are we now, suddenly, to open our arms to them not as illegal aliens, nor as illegal immigrants, nor as undocumented aliens, nor as undocumented immigrants, nor as underprivileged foreigners who came here to better themselves, and who were forced by poverty, lack of medical care, tyrannical governments, and the like to flee their own lands and enter the United States of America illegally (as in against our laws, as law breakers), or to enter legally with non-immigrant visa and then to illegally remain beyond the terms of their visas to seek out the American way of life - but rather as undocumented Americans!

I did not go for it when George W. Bush said that any person worth their salt would have entered the U.S, illegally to earn a living to support their families. Why not? Well because acceptance of that sort of twisted reasoning could also be applied to bank robbers, thieves, shoplifters, pickpockets, confidence men, embezzlers, perpetrators of credit card fraud, and so on. What George W. Bush said, in essence, apparently was that it is okay to violate the law to make things better for you family. Harry Reid has taken that a step further, hell he has taken it leagues further along the path of audacity and insanity. These illegal aliens are law violators first and foremost. They have violated a felony statute by coming here illegally. The only reason the federal government rarely enforces the statute as a felony, and instead goes with it as an administrative violation, is because it is or should I say was, much easier to remove aliens under administrative rules with all the criminal protections they would get under criminal law. Still though they have broken the law to be here. They often continue to break the law to stay. They who employ them break the law to help them stay. Now Harry Reid has broken through the realm of reality and reason, to a place that must be one of confusion and not knowing right from wrong (insanity) by calling these illegal aliens, these lawbreakers, UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS!

I wonder, is there a way to impeach Senators? If there is a way, then why aren't other government officials trying tom do just that; why aren't the people in his state calling for his resignation, why aren't we all writing letters to complain about his apparent lack of respect for the law, his disrespect for all legal resident aliens and U.S. citizens, his evident inability to logically reason on this issue and tell the truth. These 12 million illegal aliens are not undocumented Americans. They are interlopers from abroad, they are foreigners who come here to suck the tit of the American economy, and they are not We The People OF The United States. I will be writing a letter to Reid expressing my disgust for his statements, and for his support of what amounts to amnesty for illegal aliens, and for his support of a truly off the wall immigration reform bill. I will also again write to my Senators, my Representative in the House, and to the Vice president and President. You should too. We need to defeat this insanity, with a resounding blow once and for all.

All the best,
Glenn B