Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Two Times Better Than The One In My Last Post...

 ...because this one shows two Marlin lever action rifles, a matched pair, going as a single lot: https://hessney.hibid.com/lot/86088471/marlin-centennial-matched-pair--model-336-and-39-/?q=&ref=catalog

I like those better than the one I posted about in the post immediately prior to this one. Found out that the other one, the one marked New York, may not be a factory original but an aftermarket or Limited Edition for a club type gun (like those often advertised in The American Rifleman) with not nearly as much value as I may have expected. Then again, maybe it is valuable but I can find nothing on that one anywhere. 

These two, on the other hand, are a part if a well documented limited edition put out by Marlin. Want to say wow, take a look at them at the above link. Two beauties by master engravers.

All the best,
Glenn B