Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Scouting Trip That Wasn't...

...and all because traffic sucked! It took me about 1 hour to drive to the ramp for the Throgg's Neck Bridge from my house today. Normally that is a 15 minute ride. The road to the bridge was stop and go, but only go real slow. The exit ramp for the bridge was almost at a standstill, so I headed over toward the Whitestone Bridge. The ramp there was likewise. I gave it one more try and headed to the Triborough Bridge, the one furthest west of the three. It was moving at a good clip but as soon as I crossed the span I could see the highway north was virtually not moving so I veered right and went back east to pick up a northbound highway from that direction. I eventually got on the Hutchinson River parkway going north, got just outside of the Bronx and again hit a wall of traffic. I exited, filled the car with gas, then headed back home with the hope I may go tomorrow. Even the ride home was disappointing. All in all it took me three hours and about 20 minutes to travel about as far as I normally would have driven in about 45 minutes had it been clear sailing by NY standards *(which would probably be a fair amount of traffic in most other places).

Oh well, either tomorrow or next Saturday are my other options. Since getting home, the wife, daughter and I took the 4 dogs for a nice long walk. Then I started gathering up some of my gun gear that is strewn around my basement in various nooks and crannies. It is amazing how much stuff can build up in 8 months or so since the last such clean-up. Oh well, back to work.

All the best,