Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MSN Email Update 2

Well, they finally got it fixed, I have my email access again; however it seems no one is certain why they closed my account in the first place. One woman at Verizon told me that an MSN tech told her my account had been closed because I had been spamming and she added that meant I was sending hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited junk mail. Once my account was reactivated, I checked to see how many emails I sent from June 28th up through July 6 (the day they shut down my account). I sent a grand total of 33 emails in that time - most to one person recipients. I called MSN directly and asked what the problem had been. They referred me to an online email address to which I could send my inquiry. No one has answered my question yet as to why they shut it down. I am getting the idea no one has a clue. They were able to tell me that if one email recipient as in a single solitary person, marked one of my emails to him as 'spam' then MSN would immediately have closed my account. That means, if someone views an email from you that you sent via SN and then that person goes to delete it but accidentally hits the spam button or junk mail button - you are axed from MSN email service - or so I was told. Likewise if someone has it in for you and alerts MSN that you sent them as little as one piece of what they considered spam. Go figure. I just find it hard to believe but that is what the MSN guy told me.

All the best,

MSN Email Update

Let's see, it has been about 8 hours and 20 minutes since I was told, by an MSN tech, that my service would be back on in 2 hours. Even my extremely weak mathematical skills allow me to figure out that it has been a lot longer than 2 hours. So, I just called Verizon who then asked me if I realize I am calling Verizon about MSN email? I wonder why I have to explain to these dimwits that I have my MSN account through Verizon and their instructions to me as to how a customer should get tech support is to call Verizon first. Well, I had to explain once again and she put me through to MSN tech support and of course they do not open until about another half an hour from now. Luckily she also gave me MSN's direct number - something that a Verizon tech would not do in the past.

I have little patience for stuff like this, I am getting annoyed, maybe breakfast will help. Hopefully they will have the problem solved by the time I get back to the computer later on today and I will not have to call them or email them again about it.

All the best,
Glenn B