Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Everyman's Evening Eyeful

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Picked Up The Redhawk...

...and I like it.

Not only is this going to be one of two bear defense guns that Brendan and
I will have with us In Alaska but it is also my BAG Day gun since I made the
decision to buy it on Buy A Gun Day and I ordered it within the prescribed time
frame for it to count as a BAG Day purchase. BAG Day is Fed income tax day.
I also got three HKS Speedloaders for it but still don't have any ammo. Bruce at Hunter's Essentials did not have any of the ammo, in his store inventory, that I had wanted. So, either I can shoot it tomorrow if my expected ammo shipment comes into Volko Supply Co. Inc. (the FFL dealer I use to receive online ammo purchases for me, NY SAFE Act BS requirement) or if that shipment does not come in as expected I can buy some ammo locally and take it to the range tomorrow. I'm also thinking on whether or not I should wait until the weekend to take it to range so I can have my son in tow. That way he can shoot it too. Being this is NY State, and he is unlicensed here, we would have to drive to PA for that to do it legally. If he wants to make the trip on Saturday, maybe I will hold off and wait so he can bust the first cap through it. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It is now a no brainer - I sent him a text asking if he wanted to go to PA this weekend to shoot it and his reply was SURE.

Edited To Add: Just as I was finishing up this post, the youngster arrived home. He came down and took a look at it and he said something like 'f---ing awesome' and that it 'is huge'. He also said if a bear charged us, you could run at the bear and beat it to death with it. I imagine, if you had shot your load and the bear was on you and you did not not have a chance to draw a knife, it might serve as a decent club at that. I reminded him we will have bear spray with us while afield in AK and that should be our first resort because studies have shown you are less likely to be injured or even killed if you respond with bear spray. He said "not if I shoot it in its f---ing face" and he may have a point there too although I would hope he'd aim at, and hit it, in the head or spine. Whatever the case, I'm betting while I can't outrun a bear, I can outrun him.

Now I am going back to the mundane world of everyday life and heading to Costco to get some shopping done.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Redhawk Has Arrived...

...and is sitting in my dealer's shop. Of course, it would just be my luck I cannot go right there to do the paperwork because my oil company has a tech here doing a tune-up on my furnace. He will be done soon enough I suppose and then I'll be out the door on winged feet to head over that way. When I get the transfer paperwork completed and pay for the revolver, I will be off to the county PD. The local constabulary's licensing division is open until 7PM tonight. Hopefully they will not be busy and get through with what they need to do though to have me ready to head back to the dealer well before his 5PM closing time. If not, I guess I can pick it up tomorrow.

The timing is not bad, I ma expecting 150 rounds of 44 MAG ammo to arrive at my local FFL for me tomorrow. I guess that means a trip to the range will be in order. All that hinges on whether or not the Redhawk is in acceptable condition once I see it at the dealer, I've had some bad luck with new gun orders before.

Anyway, right now, I am feeling a bit like a kid headed up to bed on Christmas Eve - more than eager to get through the night and wakeup so I can head downstairs to see what is under the tree. To make things even better, I just checked the dealer's site and saw he has some reasonably priced 44 MAG ammo in stock, so I am going to pick up a couple of boxes of that two. Of course, I 'll have to pay for it all just like I do for much of what is under the tree each year but even that does not dampen my enthusiasm. With a little luck, I may have the Redhawk at the range tonight - kind of like getting to open one present on Christmas Eve. 

All the best,
Glenn B