Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Commencing ROAD TRIP Today - I Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooner or later today I'll get my ass in gear and hop in the Corolla and get in it gear as well to begin my road trip to Arkansas to visit Brendan. I had kind of planned to leave at 0900 this morning but after having to crawl out of bed 5 or 6 times last night to hit the head, I needed to sleep later than usual. That has been happening almost every night for months now. 

Before I leave though, I at have to make a stop. Yesterday I went to my urologist. He sent me for a CT scan of my lower abdomen to see what is going on that is making me go so many times each night. Too bad he did not do that when I last saw him over a month ago since the problem has been ongoing since December. As my luck would have it, which is all to often bad luck, I got to the radiology pace and they told me I'd have to wait to see if they could repair their CT Scanner which had been out of service all day. I waited an hour only for them to tell me it was kaput! Why they made an appointment for me in the first place is beyond reason when they could have sent me to one of their other locations. Anyway, I a going to try to have that done today and then leave. If I cannot get an early enough appointment, I'll do it in AR.

I hope to be gone within three hours at most.

All the best,
Glenn B