Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muslims Seemingly Go Berserk - Destroy Churches & Homes of Christians Over Accusation of Koran Desecration

A guy, apparently a Christian in Ethiopia, has been accused of desecrating a Koran. What outcome, as a normal law abiding citizen of any non-heavily populated Muslim country in the world, would you expect. I imagine that if the Koran was owned by someone other than the guy who allegedly desecrated it, you would expect that then maybe he would be charged with a misdemeanor and have to go to court. He might face a fine or even a brief jail sentence for destroying some other person's property. If it was his own property - I would expect nothing of much importance to be the result.

Well, if you live in the world of the so called religion of peace, some of you (a high number or so it appears to me) seemingly look at it otherwise. You apparently believe that an accusation of Koran desecration is the green light for you to go berserk, to take the law into your own hands, and to punish every one else who is not a Muslim but is part of the accused person's religious group. This is evidenced by this article: Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Churches, Homes.

About the only thing with which I disagree in this article is that it says Muslim extremists were responsible for the crimes of arson. I tend to believe that those responsible are much closer to the run of the mill Muslim. I lean toward believing that Islam is a religion geared toward violence onto others who are non-Muslims. That is my personal opinion, but I believe it based upon episode after episode of Muslim violence onto non-Muslims, and on takeover after takeover of numerous non-Muslim countries throughout the history of the world, all apparently in the name of Mohammad or Allah.

Pretty soon, I can almost see myself in one of these:,167588292

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Obama Supported The Revolution In Egypt...

...because he said, in essence, it was time for the oppressive government of Mubarak to be outed and for democracy to take over. He fully supported those who were revolting and demanded that Mubarak step down. He supported the takeover of power by those who took control of the government when Mubarak left the government. So what is one of the initial results of the Mubarak regime no longer being in power: Egypt Soldiers Tortured Female Protesters, Gave "Virginity Tests" Following Uprisings, Group Says.

Now try to bear in mind that the Egyptian Army, the one that the soldiers who are mentioned in the article serve, was on the side of the revolutionaries.

It is ever so nice to see that we now have a better, more peaceful, more humanitarian, pro-populace, law abiding, ethical, and moral government running Egypt. It is so nice I want to puke at the thought that, if these allegations are true then our nation's influence is in part responsible for this situation. If you are wondering who is in charge in Egypt, it is the army. They took over when Mubarak stepped down.

One can only wonder how it will turn out in Libya.

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Glenn B