Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama bin Laden Death Photo versus Home Videos and Photos

One Man's Personal Opinion:

So, they refuse to show the photograph(s) of Osama bin Lead-in Laden as that scrawny pig was laying there dead, shot in his head. Why will they not show it? Because they say it would be insulting to terrorists, Islamic extremists, and Muslims in general - and that the death picture may incite them to violence. However, they are more than happy to shove in our faces pictures, of Osama bin Laden in life, without a worry in the world that these photographs and videos will inspire terrorists to take actions against us when they see their deceased leader when he was still alive and well. Nor do they even consider, not even for one brief moment, that We The People of the United States of America might be insulted by having to see photos, and worse yet home movies, of that piece of pig droppings while he was alive and well.

After they killed him (which is about the only thing the government seems to have gotten right) what did they do that was insulting to the people of America? First they gave the utmost respect to the remains of the most wanted and despised man in our history. They even bathed it. Then they buried it within the timeframe according to Islamic custom even though bin Laden was a terrible sinner by the tenets of that religion (well that is if you believe the people who make excuses for Islam by saying it is only extremists and not the religion that is at fault). Then, even though they have pictures of him dead, they refuse to show them to us or the world saying it could insult Muslims and incite them to violence against the United States or our troops.

Don't they get it yet - because we are America, a freedom loving nation, we incite them to violence against us just by being us. Holy bumbling bureaucrats Batman, these guys are truly dunderheads! Don't they realize that even drawing a harmless cartoon incites them to violence, they are prone to it and seek to destroy us by it if we do not convert. Then again, even if we convert we need to remember that they even kill one another quite regularly over the most inane of matters. Now our leaders want to inundate us, not the Muslim community, with home photos and videos of this guy. Why would we want to see home photos and videos of a despicable person who would not have been worth the dog dirt on the bottom of my shoe had I just stepped in a pile of it. Remember this ridiculous posturing by our politicians and bureaucrats. Keep it all somewhere in the back of your minds to be triggered the next couple of times you visit a polling place and are about to vote. Vote how you want but please think about all this first.

Better yet, do something now too. Wr
ite to your elected officials, now! Complain about this, now! Make a fuss, raise holy hell or unholy hell for that matter but do it now! Are you mad, then tell them you are mad, now! Tell them to stop this absolute absurdity and to act like real Americans. Show the world that we killed the bastard and what the result looks like when you attack us. Then tell the rest of the terrorists in Al Qaeda and the Taliban that we are coming for them next - to do them the same way or worse. You might be surprised of the effect it will have on them being that we have all that computer information on them. Then set the missiles flying and the SEALS a killing and let our soldiers wage war the way it should be waged - with the goal of our victory and a totally defeated enemy. You won’t make our country safe by coddling our foes, you will make it safe by killing them off until they surrender or are all dead.

All the best
to patriotic Americans,
Glenn B

Happy Mothers' Day... all of you mothers out there. I hope you enjoy your day.

I am going to see my mom this morning and try to put a smile on her face. I'll spend some time with her, then head home to spend some time with my wife and mother-in-law (who is coming to visit).

Hope your day is a nice one.

All the best,
Glenn B