Monday, December 19, 2022

Secret Santa

 Each year, some guys on a gun forum, of which I am a member, run a Secret Santa. I got my recipient several gifts this year and whoever was my Secret Santa got me a single gift.

 These are what I sent out to the guy who was my assigned recipient:


 Starting from the upper left and going more or less clockwise are:

NERF pistol, field cleaning kit, Browning Patriot knife, a Santa Claus Pez dispenser with two packs of Pez candies, Silly Putty, The Total Gun Manual (I considered reading it first but that just would not have been right) and a "Big Ass Brick Of Soap Gun Smoke" (it's all on the label). The idea is you are assigned someone to whom to send a gift of at least $20.00 in value (not including postage). 

Like I said above, I got one gift:

That's a RangeMaxx AR-15 case. It is going to get a good deal of use. Came as it appears and has a shoulder carry strap inside. I like it.

Lots of fun is the Secret Santa deal.

All the best,
Glenn B

I've Got A Few Glock Switches...

 ...but mine are unlike those of the 11 guys recently charged federally with possession of machine guns for having them. They were arrested and charged for possessing switches that turn Glocks into full auto pistols (more at the source). I will not be getting arrested for mine; my Glock switches are 100% legal. You see my Glock switches are when I switch from carrying or shooting one of my three Glock 19s to another and or to my Glock 26. Sorry, I just felt oddly compelled to post this one.

All the best,
Glenn B