Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nasty Leftists Showing Disrespect For Breitbart and His Family

As for the loony libs celebrating at Breitbart’s death, well I guess, his memory is getting some of what he gave. I am not saying it is good on either side but he did reportedly did in essence call, or Tweet that, Ted Kennedy was a pile of human sh--; and that was supposedly on the day that Kennedy died. That was less than respectful - it was , in my opinion, disgustingly tasteless at such a time. That being especially so when you consider that the family of the deceased probably saw what you said (or in this particular case, what you tweeted).

I do not necessarily disagree with Breitbart on that point about Kennedy. In fact, I probably tend to agree with it but it is just that I would not Tweet it, or in my case Blog it, almost immediately after an opponent's death. I think that doing so showed little of the ethics we should hold dear if we are truly conservatives. One of those would be respect for the family of the deceased even if you did not like or even hated the deceased.

I am not surprised that Mr. Breitbart was hated, for saying such things, by those disrespectful types on the left who somehow, beyond my comprehension, also adored Kennedy. What with human nature being what it is, it seems to me to be expected for them to curse Breitbart's memory now that he has passed on what with how he sometimes reportedly spoke very disrespectfully of others.

Don't get me wrong. I am not excusing the current mudslinging by the leftists. I find it appalling to my ethics even though I most certainly have not been a saint with regard to such matters. I do try though to show respect to the families of the fallen, at least close to the time of their loved one's passing, with no regard to political agenda. That is not out of respect for the deceased but out of my upbringing, out of my ethics out of my beliefs that such is due to them, to the families as they are not the target.

As for the name calling right now, I just expect it to happen. Why? What goes around comes around is all I am trying to say, whether it is right or wrong. Mr. Breitbart reportedly dished it out in no uncertain terms and often with apparent vehemence and now his memory is getting much of the same from his opposition. It happens, I don't let it bother me. I imagine though it may bother Mr. Breitbart's family, especially his children at this time. I will remember Mr. Breitbart as a true American Patriot, they should remember him that way too and should know that millions of us on the right admired and respected him as such. I imagine that is true of even some of his opponents on the left, they maybe did not agree with him but they respected him for his patriotism. I hope his family can find some small comfort in that thought.

My condolences to his family and loved ones. They are in my thoughts and well wishes.

All the best,
Glenn B

Breitbart Gone

They are not saying much except that Andrew Breitbart has passed away of natural causes early this morning in Los Angeles. I imagine more will be posted on the news sites as the story develops. He will be missed, we have lost a truly outstanding American Patriot.


Also see:, (Update at about 11:15: The story at Fox has been updated, since I first saw it, to say that Breitbart collapsed while walking near his home around midnight. It goes on to indicate that he had previous heart problems but does not go as far as stating that heart problems caused his death.)


With regret,
Glenn B