Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whacking Whacky Qaadafi

One can only hope we will have whacked him when all this is over or that at least the Libyan opposition forces will take Qaddafi out terminally. Hopefully the imposition of the use of force by nations who have force to use has not come too late. Hopefully the opposition will survive and even win their uprising. Hopefully they will become steadfast allies of the United States. Hopefully, Gadhafi does not already have agents in place, in the USA and elsewhere, who will now unleash havoc within our borders or within those of our allies. Hopefully allies of Khadafy (or however you like to spell it, the media sure likes to spell it in a lot of different ways) will not take action against us along those same lines. Hopefully I am not hoping for too much.

If you have not heard the news yet - go here:

All the best,
Glenn B

The Influence Of The War Monger George W. Bush...

...must still be playing havoc with our military around the world because it appears, from the report I just read here:, the U.S., and her allies the Brits, have attacked Libya with 112 missiles.

I mean it couldn't be that the guy who was going to end the war in Iraq and bring all the troops home by, when was it, the end of last year, nor the guy who was going to win the war in Afghanistan pronto and pull our troops out of there, nor could it be the guy that said we had to stay out of other countries' affairs and used Egypt as an example, nor could it be the guy who just ignores the fact that Bahrain has invited in the Saudi Army to kills its own protesters, nor could it be the guy who also ignores the killing of hundreds if not thousands in Yemen - so it has to be that friggin war mongering, hypocritical, idiotic, inept, criminal of a president George W. Bush who has somehow caused all of this - right!

Where is Chris Matthews condemning the missiles falling on the innocent. Where is the war whore correspondent Christiane Amanpour standing up for her people, where is Pelosi chastising the president for interfering in the affairs of other nations, where is Cindy Sheehan camping out tonight to protest this new war, where are all the super duper libs' like Chucky Cheese Charles Schumer who should be condemning the president for going in to protect our oil interests in Libya while at the same time not going into Bahrain for the exact same reason? Where are the senators and representative screaming about the cost of each cruise missile? Why don't we hear the screamed protests of such voices as those of Shawn Penn, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Jesse Jackson, Paul McCartney, George Soros, and that, in my opinion, friggin big mouthed obnoxious slob of all slobs Michael Moore. Why aren't the recruiting stations for the military be protested by the leftist mobs now! Where are the protests, diplomatic, political and by the people of the killing of the enemy with missiles that will most assuredly create collateral losses in the form of innocents!

Tell me, where was the imminent threat to the United States of America or to her allies that necessitated our taking military action against Libya? Where are the protesters screaming that we had no such reason? Don't get me wrong, I am no Qaddafi lover, I would not mind seeing Libya blown to hell with what happened to the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, and with all else Qaddafi is believed to have had his hands in over the years. I am simply questioning the hypocrisy of the ultra leftists. You friggin far to the left liberals make me want to puke because you are so phony at being anything other than one sided for yourselves and not really for America or the truth. You are a little more than sham Americans as far as I can tell.

By the way, where was our president when all of this was happening and where is that transparency he promised us! Heard from him yet about this? Oh yeah, he issued a statement from, of all places, Brazil! Way to go President Obama - that really makes you look as if your very presidential finger is on the trigger - or does it?

(This all has been an expression of my personal feelings and my personal opinion.)

Waiting to hear you lefties condemn
President Obama for this
but betting you won't,

Glenn B

Spreading The BS (no this is not about politics)

Well, maybe it was cow manure and not BS but I spent a few hours out in the garden today and some of that time was devoted to spreading the shit manure. I only have two small patches in which I usually grow my vegetable garden supplemented by whatever I grow in pots so there was not that much to spread. Still though, I managed to spread about 240 pounds of the stuff, even more that what my fat ass self weighs. I cleaned up the leaves, twigs, trash, and whatever else was there, turned the soil, spread the poopy (composted - of course), then worked it into the soil a bit. My good buddy, Arthur I. Tis was there with me and my aching back and knees and hips can attest to his presence.

After that, I got to trimming some bushes so that when they do bud and put out leaves for the season, they will not make the backyard look too much like an unkempt jungle. I also cleaned up a bit of this and a bit of that and had an overall rewarding time of it except for that pest Arthur being there. I did notice, while tuning the soil, that the two areas I plant with veggies are loaded with earthworms. I grabbed a handful for my critters. The fish, newts, salamanders, frog, turtle and tortoises all had an enjoyable lunch today - well not enjoyable for the worms but certainly enjoyable for my critters anyway.

I also put my seed tray outside to let my tomato, cucumber, watermelon and pumpkin sprouts get their first feel of the sun's rays on them. They all sprouted in the last couple of days. Another week or two and outside they go for the season.

All that done, and some bill paying and online banking too, my wife, daughter and I sat down to a nice dinner of Corned Beef, boiled potatoes and cabbage bok choy. My wife said the supermarket was out of cabbage and I'll admit it tasted close enough to almost fool me into believing it is a suitable substitute. Since dinner, I have been enjoying a nice glass of Beaujolais. More projects tomorrow, a visit to my mom and maybe a trip to the range too but for tonight I am going to relax.

All the best,
Glenn B