Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mitt Romney - A Liberal In A Conservative's Suit?

Deb Schlussel can say it a whole lot better than can I, and I think she has hit the nail squarely on its head when she said:

"And a Romney Presidency will be a total bust, too. He's not a conservative. Just a phony who badly wants to be Prez and will say anything to get there."

For more of her thoughts on whom I believe is a political buffoon masquerading as a conservative or Republican please go to:, and scroll down to her entries for December 14, 2006.

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Glenn B

Yet another example of many...

...reflecting how those from third world countries routinely treat verbal insults with physical violence. Sure this is not limited to people from third world countries, but it is more common in them than it has ever been in a place like the USA. Well anyhow, read the article at the below link to see what I mean. Pay careful attention to the reasons that the illegal alien beat and killed a woman.

Is the USA Achieving Third World Nation Status?

According to one U.S. Congressman maybe at least parts of our country have already achieved that status. I just got done watching Neil Cavuto interview Representative Tom Tancredo, about Tancredo having called Miami a third world country. Reportedly the Congressman was to have given a speech at a restaurant in Miami today to the Rotary Club or some other similar organization; but after his making that statement about Miami several death threats, bomb threats and other threats of violence streamed into the organization, and to the newspapers in Miami as well as to the restaurant, so the speech was cancelled by the restaurant owner. I don't say that I blame him for canceling Tancredo's appearance out of fear for safety; however, nor do I blame Representative Tancredo for hitting the nail squarely on the head. It is about time we have someone in government who can call a spade a spade.

I think, that in essence, Rep. Tancredo's statement was correct. Places like Miami, because of illegal immigration, have turned into bastions for illegal aliens who came from third world countries and have destroyed once great cities and places like Miami. It is a crying shame that saying so only goes to help prove his point. You see, in the traditionally 'legal' USA such statements would usually get people who disagreed into a mode in which they would want to hold discourse with the congressman. It may get some upset, it may fire up emotions, it may even get people to debate him heatedly on the subject; but it would not usually get a huge number of threats of violence including death threats. If, however, we look to the third world, to such countries as Afghanistan, Brazil, Bosnia, Colombia, Chile, Haiti, India, Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Puerto Rico (a possession of the USA), Serbia, Turkey, Venezuela, to name a few, and there are many others, we see that resorting to violence over name calling or over someone telling the truth often results in those who do not want to hear the truth either threatening violence or actually resorting to use of it to squash the truth. Since the exact same thing just happened in Miami in response to the Congressman's claims, well it just add fuel to the Congressman's fiery truth.

Still though, there is a lot more evidence of this nation if not actually becoming a third world country, then leaning toward becoming one, and doing so in a fairly rapid manner. When Ronald Reagan was president he made the mistake of granting amnesty to about 2 million illegal aliens. This in effect opened up the flood gates if only because other potential illegals started to stream toward our borders. Eventually the flood gates broke and they (illegal aliens) enter our country now at over one million per year. It is estimated we have anywhere from 10 to 20 million illegal aliens living within our borders. These folks are not usually from countries that are industrial giants like Australia, Germany, or Japan; they are from some of the poorest countries in the world. They lack education, they have substandard hygiene, they often have multiple health problems - some of a serious and contagious nature, and they are much more prone to responding to those who are unlike themselves with violence.

If you do not believe the thing about violence then just look to Iraq where they kill themselves over sectarian violence. Look also to Ireland where the same was done for years. Look to India where violence often goes unreported in the USA but is a frequent occurrence based upon things such as religious differences. Look to Colombia where a soccer player was killed for scoring a goal into his own net a few years back. look to the drug violence in South America. look to the military coups throughout South America, and Asia. People stand up and tell the truth in such countries and they often disappear forever. That was not the history of this country, though surely it has happened, but not with regularity like in third world nations.

There are other things though, besides violence caused or threatened by illegal aliens, that would tend to indicate the USA is slowly but surely turning into a third world nation. Some of those things are the increases in certain diseases that have been relatively under control for decades but are now again causing outbreaks. Things like measles, mumps, cholera, are on the increase. Why - well because many people who come here illegally do so because they cannot afford to come legally. They are the dirt poor of the world. The dirt poor often do not receive proper medical benefits such as inoculations. others don't receive proper medical care because it goes against their religions or superstitions. We do not need to feel guilty over this, their own governments need to take care of them. Heck we dole out hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars annually to help such people; it is about time the people who pocket the money start using it where it belongs instead.

Disease rates are not the only negative things that are going up. Something else closely related to disease rates is climbing, disease vectors are having population explosions. Wherever in this country that there is a huge number of illegal aliens from south of our borders you can find booming populations of things like Lone Star ticks, Deer ticks, dog ticks, bedbugs, internal parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms. Is there no correlation between the two. About 10 or 15 years ago, the lone star tick was almost unknown in the northeastern USA. Now it is running (or crawling) rampant in many areas. Where did it come from, and upon whom did it hitch a ride in order to move in that direction? I was generally known as a tick within the USA with a southern range, from the Southeastern USA west to Texas (I do not know if they went south in Mexico). Now they are commonly found in pockets throughout the northeast such as in NYC, Long Island NY, New Jersey, and Providence, RI. These are all places where these ticks find suitable habitat but they were not native to these areas. How did they get here. One wonders, and my suspicions go toward them having hitched rides on the bodies of illegal aliens who came north from the Mexican border. They transmit such diseases as Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI). I do not recall hearing of a locally obtained case of Rocky Mountain Spotted fever in New York until I was well into college, or in other words until the third world tide from down south had already reached as far north as New York.

Other things that have been unheard of in the USA, for the most part, over the last few decades have been bedbugs. Well, at least until the last decade when they made a reappearance throughout many parts of the USA - almost all though where illegal aliens were to be found in great numbers. Is there a correlation - you bet there is. These creatures are still living in booming populations in third world countries. Now they are just about booming here too. If you doubt me, here is what Wikipedia had to say on this topic:

"With the widespread use of DDT in the 1940s and '50s, bedbugs all but disappeared from North America in the mid-twentieth century. Infestations remained common in many other parts of the world, however, and in recent years have begun to rebound in North America. Reappearance of bedbugs in the developed world has presented new challenges for pest control, and, without DDT and similarly banned agents, no fully effective treatment is now in use. The industry is only beginning to develop procedures and techniques."

Now note, they are not suddenly booming here because we do not use DDT. We have not used that for decades and bed bugs were only again discovered in large numbers over the past decade. Why, well just look to the correlation between them arriving within our borders, and the number of illegal aliens arriving within our borders. I suspect therein lies the answer.

I have also heard of several cases of Pork Tapeworm over the years, all apparently contracted by people who had close contact (as in eating food prepared by the initial carrier) with illegal alien maids from Central and South America. All of these pests spread diseases to humans because they feed on humans.

Of course there is another less apparent disease vector that has landed upon our shores. These are the mega cruise ships. It is no secret that over the past 15 to 20 years, there have been numerous breakouts of fatal, near fatal, and otherwise nasty diseases that have broken out on cruise ships. Within the last couple of years alone, I seem to recall at least a half dozen or more such outbreaks. Sometimes people are severely sickened, other times people die. Why is it that these diseases are breaking out on cruise ships. All these ships look glamorous, people pay thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to party and vacation on them, yet all to often we discover the cruise ship as a source of some deadly or very severe disease! My guess would be that we need to look no further than the health and hygiene of the crew members on these ships. If you have ever taken a cruise anywhere, on a many a large cruise line ship, you would realize that many of the crew member son these ships came from third world countries. The population of third world country citizens as compared to those from advanced countries is quite a large ratio when compared to all the illegals in the USA in comparison with the legal residents. Therefore it may be a contributing factor as to why a greater percentage of the people on the ship come down ill. Don't worry though, as illegals in the USA multiply, so to will the incidences of us coming down with third world diseases.

Do you still doubt this? If you do, then look to recent outbreaks of E. Coli. Where are all the suspect sources of these outbreaks? They are in agricultural areas, on ranches and farms that hire numerous illegal aliens and third world citizens who have extremely poor hygiene. Sure no one has proved an illegal was the original disease vector in any of these outbreaks, but I wonder, have any of the ultra liberal politically correct doctors checked this out. Even if another human was not a carrier who spread the disease, then what about their hygiene. When reports indicate that contaminated water may have been used to irrigate fields - where did the contamination come from in the water. Was it there because some illegal just peed or crapped in the water source. don't tell me it does not happen commonly in third world countries - I saw it in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico first hand many times. I also have seen it hundreds of times in the 4 years I was a U.S. Border patrol Agent, for instance an illegal alien Mexican field worker puking onto a head of lettuce then throwing it in the collection container with all the rest. Think that could spread disease?

E. Coli outbreaks have zoomed in recent years, yet very few people want to examine the possibility that there is a correlation between the rise in disease outbreaks and the tens of millions of illegal aliens - with poor hygiene habits - who are within our country, and who are working in agriculture, food processing plants, and in places like fast food servers.

It is about time people woke up. We are becoming a third world nation by default. How can we avoid such here, by making sure illegal aliens are removed, making sure others do not enter illegally, and by making sure that legal aliens are required to Americanize in order to stay here and be granted citizenship. They need to learn out history, they need to learn our political customs, they need to become educated in our schools legally, they need to learn English, they need to learn proper hygiene habits, they need to obey the law. many of them do just that already, but all too many do not. If they do not do so after a certain amount of time, if they fail a citizenship test after say 5 years of being here, then deport them immediately, and use their own money to do so. Make them want to be Americans, don't allow them to be displaced and disloyal (to the USA) foreigners.

If you want to know what you can do to help along a cause like this, one of keeping the USA out of becoming a third world nation, then you need to vote regularly for those who are tough on immigration reform, you need to regularly contact your elected officials even if they are in your opposition party and tell them how you think (not just how you feel) about these issues, you need to write to appointed officials such as the head of the department of Homeland Security and demand action toward removing illegal aliens. There is something else you can do too. You can make legal alien residents feel welcomed to be part of the greatest country in the world, and you can help to teach them how to be good Americans. That way it will be so much easier for them to become good American Citizens who take pride in being just that.

All the best,

Glenn B

There are meat eaters, and then there are...

...meat eaters; just as there are hunters of different sorts. I hunt, and I eat the meat for which I hunt. If I get a trophy I would consider having it mounted if large enough to be a real trophy, or if unusual enough to draw lots of attention. As for the meat, almost none of it ever goes to waste. I love deer, squirrel, almost any type of bird for which one normally hunts in the USA, and I love bear meat. Despite my love of venison, I don't know if I would have been quite up to eating the deer that was recently taken by Rick Lisko.

It is not so much that the deer he took was one he had run over with his vehicle, I suppose fresh road kill can be as good as any animal killed with a gun or bow; but rather the deer itself that makes me wonder if I would have had the guts to consume it. You see, it was reported that the deer Mr. Lisko ran over, and later ate, was one with seven (count em) legs, and as if that was not weird enough, it also was reportedly transgendered. Of course before he ate it, he did what any law abiding hunter would do, he had the take registered with the state Department of Natural Resources. The game warden, Doug Bilgo, was rather amazed, saying: "I have never seen anything like that in all the years that I've been working as a game warden and being a hunter myself,".

This does not seem to be a hoax, it was all reported on in this article: Wisconsin Man Runs Over, Eats Seven-Legged Transgendered Deer, which can be found at this address:,2933,236483,00.html.

I know, I know, you are thinking 'Hey I've bagged and eaten bucks before, and I've done the same thing with does - so why not a he-she deer too'? Well I guess if I was poor and hungry enough, I would go for it with gusto; but there is just something about it having both sexes and seven legs that would sure make me think twice about eating it, especially since I could always go down the road to McDonald's for a Big Mac instead. Of course, had I run it over myself, or otherwise bagged it, it would in all likelihood have been mounted and then placed up for auction. Can you say Ebay? As for the meat, well maybe it would be in my freezer, and then again maybe not.

Happy hunting,
Glenn B