Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Great Procrastinator: On The Fence About Buying An AR Now Or Wating A Few Days

I've been thinking of buying an AR 15 since I got out of NY and I have been looking at them a bit lately. I was in no big hurry, especially since I bought a century Arms AK soon after I got out of Cuomoistan and I have been spending much more than I have coming in lately.

Anyway, my son has two Stag Arms ARs, one a piston model and the other direct gas impingement type, and he likes both of em very much. So I looked over the available options at Stag Arms. I also read about them in reviews and forums. I am pretty much sold on getting a Stag Arms AR.

The one that I liked the most is the Stag 15 Retro. Besides being a lookalike to the original AR 15, it has a 20", 1 in 7, barrel and I much prefer that to a 16".  After seeing a video of guy shooting a .75" group with one at 100 yards, that was good enough to convince me that it would be more than good enough for me. Add to that their overall good reviews, their excellent warranty and that they are made in the USA and what is not to like! I searched for one online for several hours last night and again today - none seem to be available and I looked at all of the big time dealer's sites and many truly obscure firearms dealer's sites. They have plenty of other models but I am not all that interested in ones with a 16" barrel, nor models with a 20"or longer barrel that are made for varmint hunting. The Retro is the one I want; so, I sent Stag Arms an inquiry to see when they would become available again but do not expect an answer until tomorrow at the earliest and probably a day or two after that realistically speaking.

Today, I have been wavering on awaiting their response; that is now that this second crazy mass shooting has taken place with a 24 hour period. Of course, let's not forget the other cowardly and heinous shooting of innocents from last week at the garlic festival in CA. The usual political pandering has already commenced and other knee jerk reactions certainly will soon commence. 

I figure, some dealers may stop selling evil black AR type rifles, others may stop selling AKs (used in El Paso at Walmart), certain types of ammo may no longer be stocked at least temporarily and an executive order eroding more of our RKBA may come down from our well meaning but seemingly sometimes gun rights challenged commander in chief. What to do: wait calmly - or judging by past actions after such instances - buy now before it is too late? Buying one now is quite tempting because if the shit storm of anti-gun sentiments and emotions over the latest shootings does adversely affect firearms sales then at least I will have my AR. On the other hand, if things go calmly and sensibly and gun sales are not impinged - well then, I can always  uy the one I preferred when and if it is offered again. A certain retailer has one, the Stag Arms 15 ORC for about $60 - $80 less expensive than anywhere else. It's a 16" model and does not come with sites. Thus, I'd have to settle for the shorter barrel and also would have to figure to add another $200 more or less for metal sights or even more for glass.

My decision comes down to which path to take, do I: look to another manufacturer and buy their model now; wait for Stag to reply to my inquiry before deciding which to buy; buy the other but available Stag at a great price now; buy the Stag now and then buy the Retro if and when Stag offers them again; or do I just keep putting things off and live up to being The Great Procrastinator. Damn decisions, decisions, decisions!

All the best,
Glenn B