Friday, September 26, 2014

Then & Now

Sadly, the Republicans are not much different.

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Obama Gets It Wrong Again - The USA Is Not A Muslim Nation No Matter What He Says

Watch this and tell me how you can look at the man talking without utter contempt and disgust. At least you should think that way if you are at all a patriotic American. I understand that all of us tell lies at some point or other in our lives but this guy lives in a fantasy land of his own leftist and Islamic making. I think he is the most disgraceful president in my lifetime and I have lived through quite a few of their administrations so far. In fact, I see him as about the most despicable anti-American person whom I have ever encountered.

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Glenn B

Once Again A Terrorist Act But There Is No Link To Terrorism...

...or so say government officials in the case of Alton Nolen.  Earlier

"Friday, U.S. law enforcement officials said there were no indication the attack was linked to terrorism."

,The attack they are talking about was allegedly committed  y Alton Nolen, a Vaughn Food processing plant employee, who was terminated by the company. He is alleged to have returned there, just after being fired and to have rammed a vehicle with his own as he returned. Then he allegedly got out of his car and stabbed and beheaded the first employee he saw; she was reported to be Colleen Hufford (my condolences to her family, friends and loved ones). He allegedly also stabbed a second employee. (source)

Now on the face of it, this may not sound like it is related to terrorism but there is more. Mr. Nolen reportedly recently had tried to convert some of his coworkers to Islam (source)! There you have it, a connection to terrorism that apparently somehow has eluded detection by law enforcement. While the connection may be a thread and only tenuous at that, allow me to point out that Islam and its followers are known to promote conversions of all infidels (non-believers) to Islam, and also to promote the executions of they who refuse to convert, and also have carried out the beheadings of such people, and that the beheadings seem mostly to be carried out by Islamic extremists or in other words by Islamic terrorists. In addition, there have been recent calls from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) for lone wolf type terrorists to begin striking within the United States and these calls have been made by a group already notorious for its cowardly beheadings of several Western individuals and probably for the beheadings of at least hundreds of other Muslims from opposing sects. Yes, there is a link to terrorism and there is a link to Islam - the so called religion of terrorism peace and the government had better opens its eyes to it before the shit hits the fan and it is too late to prevent the bloodbath that may follow.

Edited to add: How could I have missed the best part. The assailant was shot, wounded and stopped while attacking his second victim. The shooter was Vaughn Food's operations manager who also just so happened to be a reserve county deputy (source). What mattered is that someone in the workplace was armed with a pistol and was able to prevent the suspect from killing more people. I guess Vaughn Foods was a firearms friendly workplace but if they were not maybe they will now reconsider and become one!

Also one other note to add, the FBI is now investigating to see if there is a link to terrorism. Why bother when they already know they are going to say there was not - that even though the link is obvious because this was a terroristic act carried out by way of the preferred method of cowardly Islamic terrorists and it was by a Muslim who had just tried to convert his coworkers to Islam.

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Glenn B

Illegal Aliens Enter And Evade - And This Comes As A Surprise To Whom?

The recent surge of illegal aliens who entered the USA was in the tens of thousands. After entry they went to an agency like U.S. Immigration & Customs Services (USCIS) or to Immigration & Customs Enforcement to register. After registration they were supposed to return for follow-up appointments with government agencies. Should it come as any surprise that up to 70% of those so called immigrants (all illegal aliens not really lawful immigrants) did not show up for those follow-up visits. Seventy percent, 7 out of every 10 of them, a vast majority, almost 3/4s of them apparently just skedaddled like roaches when the light are turned on and disappeared into whatever cracks they could find in which to hide. And the leftists all wail that the only illegal thing thy do, for the most part, is to enter illegally and then say they lead wonderfully law abiding lives as American residents. Well, it is time to call it as it is and that is that those claims are total bullshit! It cannot be any more evident than it is from the apparently secretly recorded revelation that came out of the mouth of a government official. The article reporting this shows the actual number to be approximately 41,000 illegal aliens who did not show up for those follow-up appointments (source). and once again are evidently violating the law or other government regulations or procedures.

I don't know about what you are thinking on this issue but I have a few thoughts:

Temporarily close down the border to all immigration from Mexico, until the Mexican government controls its own border shared with us.

Deport every illegal alien within the USA.

Strengthen sanctions against those who employ illegal aliens and eliminate mitigating factors that lessen fines or jail time.

Enforce laws already on the books against illegal entry into the USA and enforce to the maximum extent of the law.

Criminally prosecute repeat offenders and sentence them to hard labor in prison camps like the one run my Sheriff Arpaio in AZ

Rewrite Immigration and Naturalization law and require that the new law have at least 75 percent of the volume cut out making the law simpler and easier to understand and enforce.

Apply the law and Immigration quotas equally applicable to all nationalities.

Make it easier for educated but unskilled laborers to enter the USA but more difficult for highly educated and skilled ones o enter. They should have to start at the bottom and work their way up through the generations; this would give them incentive to achieve the American dream instead of allowing arrogant snobs entry here who mock our customs and laws.

Require that every legal alien apply for and take the test for citizenship within 5 years of entry into the USA.

Require a tough English language test and a decent US history test must be passed in order to acquire citizenship.

I could add more but that would be a good start. Oh yeah, I will add just one other small thing:

Impeach Obama and criminally prosecute anyone in his administration that had anything to do with facilitating Operation Fast & Furious.

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Glenn B


Ever Wonder Why You Never Received A Piece Of Expected Mail?

Well, if you live in new York City, the answer to the mystery of your missing mail may not be that it was lost, or that it got ripped to shreds in a post office sorting machine or that the dog ate it. The answer may well be that a mailman, Joseph Brucato, may have failed to deliver it and then hoarded it. He reportedly was arrested and arraigned this past Wednesday after his boss noticed undelivered mail piled up inside of Brucato's personal vehicle. According to the report, over 40,000 pieces of mail, weighing approximately 2,500 pounds were recovered that dated as far back as 2005 (more here).

Maybe he was hoping to score big in retirement (he is 67) by going through all that mail for valuables but I kind of doubt it. I can't think of anyone who routinely sends cash anymore. My guess is the guy just went postal in the nonviolent sort of way because the mail never stops. What was it that Newman said?

Of course it probably goes a bit deeper than what was shown in the previous video. I imagine there has to be more of an underlying cause than the mail never stops and along those lines all I can say is blame Hawaii. Yep, the state of Hawaii could well be one of the reasons your mail has not been delivered, at least according to Newman!

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Glenn B