Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Blog Roll Updating

I added a new category to my blog rolls, thus have a new blog roll titled: Bloggers Whom I Have Met. Those listed in that particular blog roll may also be listed in one of the other ones such as in GRUMPS, GEEKS, GUN FOLKS AND GENIUSES - All Nice Enough To Give Me A Courtesy Link (just also changed the name on that one a bit) or in one of the other two blog rolls I have on the right side of my blog in The Blue Zone.

Speaking of a blogger whom I have met and who just happens to be someone who placed my blog in his blog roll, allow me to welcome Doubletrouble to my blog roll. His blog is RattailBastard. It is now listed under both BLOGGERS WHOM I HAVE MET and under GRUMPS, GEEKS, GUN FOLKS AND GENIUSES - All Nice Enough To Give Me A Courtesy Link. While I have not had the opportunity to read up on many of his posts yet, I will do so soon as possible. Regardless, I can tell you that, based upon my having met him and his wife, I can say he and his lady are good people and I think his blog should be well worth the read.

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Glenn B


I just entered a contest to win "Dinner With Barack". How many Barack's do you know, yes I mean with President Obama. There were a few ways to enter, two or three by way of making a contribution to his reelection campaign and another that did not require a contribution. Of course, I did not give even a penny.

Even though I find myself in almost total disagreement with the man's policies, and I am certain I will not vote for him, it certainly would have the potential to be an interesting dinner.

Want to give it a try, go here:

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Glenn B

Police May Have Shot 8 Bystanders In Shootout Near Empire State Building... reported by NBC: "Eight bystanders were grazed or shot -- all of them, apparently, by police bullets, sources said.", see:

In addition, according to a radio report I heard on a local radio station, 1010 WINS (CBS News) this morning at about 1130 or so, the reporter claimed Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, while answering the questions of a mob of reporters, said his officers had no other option. He reportedly said, in sum and substance, that  his officers had been fired upon and had to shoot back and something to the effect that things like this just happen! If, I heard that right and if the reporter got it right, and that is in essence what Commissioner Kelly blurted out, it is an outrage and Kelly should be walking the streets looking for a new job as a peanut salesman or similar work for the brain dead. Of course, he will not be fired because his mouth is firmly planted on Mayor Bloomberg's ass when he is not making such statements that show his apparent disregard for the public safety. Guns in the hands of law enforcement only is the policy Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg would like to see - and now Kelly apparently has said it is somehow okay or to be expected for the police to mow down innocent bystanders to protect themselves!

I was a law enforcement firearms instructor for 14 years. I was a law enforcement officer for 32 years. I was taught, and taught others, time and time again, that as LEOs, we are responsible for every bullet that comes out of our guns. I distinctly got the idea that if it was an overwhelming danger, to the public, for me to be shooting at a bad guy, I should either yell for people to take cover and get down, take cover myself, and shoot only when it was unlikely I would hit innocents. I was also well trained to shoot and hit my target. As far as misses go during such confrontations, I can understand it because of such things like adrenalin, being very scared and the pucker factor all contributing to misses. All the more reason not to shoot toward a crowd of innocents and the officers should have known it. It is a touch call to make and I am not about to condemn them, I was not in their shows. I do, however, condemn the alleged statements of Kelly. Folks, if Kelly's supposed statement is not a wake up call about the leftist side's view of the value of the lives of We The People, then nothing is such.

A hat tip to the construction worker who followed the bad guy, and reported him to police. It is now reported that the bad guy shot his ex-coworker on 33rd Street due to a dispute probably associated with him having been fired last year. The construction worker witnessed that shooting, then followed the bad guy, saw the police near the Empire State Building and reported the bad guy to the cops. According to mayor Bloomberg, the construction worker was not a hero, he did what he was supposed to have done, reported the shooter to the professionals and that was that. Un fucking believable, Bloomberg is a royal asshole in my opinion. No one else did what that construction worker did, only he was brave enough to follow the guy until he found police officer to whom he could report the initial shooting. If not for him, the guy might have gone on to kill others. The construction had brass balls and all I can say about what he did is that we owe him thanks, not the pooh-poohing of Mayor Bloomberg. Listen to the mayor at 6m 27sec of this video Bloomberg, once again, has proven himself a pompous ass in my opinion.

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Glenn B

Shootings At Empire State Building

I was just about to start typing up this post, while watching Fox News on the tube (yes it is an old TV) as Fox was interviewing an eye witness to the shootings at the Empire State Building, when the witness described the shooter (at least whom she thought was the shooter). She said: "A young boy, a white boy, uh, uh, and he was dead".

Fox has reported that anywhere from 5 to 8 people were indiscriminately shot outside of the Empire State Building, at 34th Street and 5th Avenue, in the heart of NY City, at 9AM this work day morning. They think it was a possible robbery attempt (seems unlikely to me that this would have been a robbery but that is just a guess on my part). They also reported that the same shooter apparently also had shot someone on 33rd Street. The facts beings reported on have been pretty sketchy and keep changing. They have not said who shot the gunman.

They are now saying, at this moment, that the shooter was an employee who had worked in the Empire State Building until he was fired yesterday (also have said he was fired today, left work and returned with gun). So, they believe it a retaliatory shooting because he had been fired.

In addition, Fox has reported that two NYPD police officers from the 42nd Precinct, who were on an anti-terrorism detail, shot the bad guy.

The NYPD is now confirming 10 people injured (not certain how many shot). Fox is reporting at least 3 dead 2 dead (now they are saying maybe only the shooter is dead, keeps changing).

The Empire State Building reportedly has already been reopened to employees of it and the businesses located within. It has not been reopened to tourists yet. Manhattan must be a madhouse as far as traffic goes.

This is all breaking news that keeps changing by the moment.

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Glenn B