Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Trump Won New Hampshire According to OANN

 So OANN says Trump has won in NH (more at the source). I hope they got it right because I could not imagine having that RINO Haley as president should she somehow win the Rebooblican nomination. . She has lied about not running against President Trump, about not raising taxes yet now wants at least an additional ten percent tax on gasoline, called Red China an enemy then changed it to an ally, said that all users of social media must by fully identified I (where are your papers comes to mind) before using the same,  and there are other inconsistencies. She is nothing more than a liberal/leftist as I see her. I will only give her this, she came closer to Trump in NH than I expected but then the state of NH is full of leftists, socialists, hippies and other liberals despite having decent gun laws for a state in the northeast USA.
Congratulations Mr. President.
All the best,
Glenn B