Thursday, November 1, 2007

Too Bad He Apaprently Does Not Read My Blog...

...because his having done so may have saved him some holes in his legs, possibly being fired, and possibly being arrested. Texas Office Worker Accidentally Shoots Himself in Both Legs While Sitting at Desk tells the story of a 47 year old office worker, who reportedly shot himself through both legs with a .45 caliber bullet, from a gun that was in his jacket pocket, and the jacket was draped over his seat. When he sat down the gun went bang. Just another example of why you should heed the advice given here, and here. I'll admit I carry in a pocket sometimes myself, but rarely; and I do mean rarely, and usually if there is no other choice at the time. Then it is in an otherwise empty pocket, nothing there to hit the trigger; and I never leave a handgun in a jacket pocket when I take off the jacket. I mean it is just not safe if only because it is not under my immediate control, and besides that those little grinches, or goblins, or whatever they are can get in an unattended pocket and shoot you. Hopefully this guy will recover speedily and fully, and he will learn from his experience.

All the best,
Glenn B