Sunday, August 31, 2014

During The Zombie Apocalypse Pick Your Allies Wisely

So the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits and you suddenly realize there is no way you and yours are going to survive it unless you hook up with some loyal allies. Whom to pick? Now, you may think I am about to answer that straight forward and seemingly simple question but no I am not. I will leave it to you to decide. I will give you a couple of choices though and you can start the process of vetting friends versus foes (not counting the zombies) now before its the end of the world as we know it.

I will say this:

If they look like the first gal below, I think there is a good bet they are safe as an ally. If you wife objects just tell her to look at it this way, she brought her own gun and ammo to the fight.  (Although where she hid the ammo is anyone's guess but caching ammo is a good trait - isn't it!)

On the other hand, if your potential ally looks like this, well you tell me (or at least tell yourself) - are you looking for an ally that's ready to kick ass and mow em down in droves or one who wants to hand out flowers and tell you that love is the way as a zombie is about to bite off your face.

Both very attractive and probably very capable women in their own ways but yet, I think the decision would be an easy one. What about you?

All the best,
Glenn B

The Zombie Apocaplyse - Maybe I Shouldn't Have To Ask...

 ...but it's getting close - isn't it? You can just sought of feel it creeping up all around you, can't you?

Just one reminder, don't forget strangers either.
All the best,
Glenn B