Tuesday, September 23, 2014


As hard as it may be to believe, the Zombie Apocalypse is quite possibly already taking place and has been for some months now. No, of course I don't mean real human hunting flesh eating zombies but reality is close enough. The CDC has predicted that the number of cases of reported and unreported Ebola infections could reach anywhere from 550,000 to 1.4 million by January 2015 (source).

Now, I figure they are either saying that because they believe it is true and if they are right, this will most assuredly be an apocalypse because there is no way to confine it to Africa if that many become infected. Otherwise, they are saying it with the intent of giving the taxpayer some explanation as to why the government is about to spend billions that they are about to suck out of taxpayers savings or salaries and that we do not yet realize they will be stealing taxing away from us to combat one of the most deadly diseases known to man.

Either way, we get fucked. At least with a zombie apocalypse (ie: a real worldwide Ebola outbreak), as opposed to the government taking my money to combat it, I stand a bit of a chance of making it through without being destroyed.

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Glenn B

Another "Aw Fuck" Moment

This is great.

Lucky for them it was, is all I will say.

Thanks to Wally for posting this on FB.

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Autumn Is Upon Us...

...and what better way to celebrate its commencement than with a song by the Grateful Dead. No it's not a song about the fall (but in a way is about a fall); yet, I think you will see the connection in the name of the song. Anyway, the Dead were best seen at concerts in the crisp air of autumn while the leaves slowly dissolved their chlorophyll on their trip from a vibrant green to a more mellow and colorful state, at least in my opinion. So without further ado, here is Rosalie McFall by the Grateful Dead, who gave the best partying concerts in history!

Well, sorry but one further bit of ado, the name of the song, as first seen on a Grateful Dead album cover was Rosalie McFall and not Rosalee McFall nor Rosa Lee McFall as seen on the covers of albums of some other singers or in the lyrics as they appear online.

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Glenn B