Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Wonder - Did The Crowd Roar With Applause... Brazilian soccer referee Ot├ívio Jordan da Silva de Catanhede was: rushed by assailants, tied up, stoned to death (one hopes he was dead before what comes next), quartered (major limbs cut off), beheaded - all on the soccer field. I also wonder, did anyone continue to cheer when his head was paraded around the field and staked at midfield. Somehow, I can not imagine it otherwise than at least some of the crowd cheering on they who were committing this brutal murder as such seems to be the state of the liberalized world today. People nowadays have little regard for human life and even less for respect of the law.

Now, there is  good chance he deserved to die since he reportedly had just killed a soccer player, Linda dos Santos Abreu, by stabbing him to death. (I'm not saying he should have been killed but that maybe he deserved to be killed.) It seems that Jordan and Santos got into an argument over a call made by the referee. During the argument, Jordan reportedly pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed Santos who died while being taken to a hospital. Enraged family and friends of the player reportedly stormed the field and carried out swift but grisly revenge on the referee. Why law enforcement had not already arrested Jordan is unclear but it could well have been a rapid spontaneous reaction to the stabbing and he could well have been killed before he family even knew that Santos had died of his wounds. Still though, if this was a sanctioned match with police presence, shouldn't the police have done something to try to stop it - all that was done to him must have taken at least several minutes. Of course, that is supposing they were at the game which may not have been the case. Yet, for the assailants to carry out the killing in the gruesome way they reportedly did so is only an indication that we live in sick times, very sick times at that.


My advice, never attend a soccer game - not anywhere, not in Brazil where this happened, not in Germany, Nigeria, India, England and not here in the USA - not anywhere. Madness and bloody violence are all too frequently something that happens before, during and after soccer matches. Of course, if you can attend one while armed, so you could be able to defend yourself, you might consider going but that would probably be illegal, at least, where I live, they don't let us carry machine guns here. Anyway, I do no think I would chance it.

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Glenn B

Someone At Fox News Needs A Geography Lesson

It always amazes me when I see or hear glaring errors in the media. One would think that in order to report the news, a person would be required to have a certain amount of education and integrity and that among those who apply for reporter jobs, only the best of the applicants would be selected (I would expect that sort of section process for almost any job). I would think the process would be likewise for they who proof and edit news reports. Sadly such does not seem to be the case, at least based upon what I have seen in online news reporting lately.
For instance, take a look at this regional listing for current news, in the northeast United States, that I found on under the header: U.S.:


Not only does it show the error once but twice. Come now don't tell me you don't see it! Someone please tell me, since when would news about an jet crash in San Francisco be considered news that took place in the northeast United States? That type of mistake is not uncommon either, just take a look at this:


The same story is also listed under regional news for the southeast U.S., it is mind boggling. Even a kid in the 4th or 5th grade would should know that San Francisco (the SF in the link about the crash) is on the west coast. The misplacement of these links, under the wrong regional header, is nothing new and certainly not only one made by the news crew at Fox News. I have seen similar inaccuracies on the websites of CNN, the BBC, MSNBC and other media outlets. 

News reporting, as of late, also seems plagued with other glaring errors as well in such things as grammar, punctuation, spelling that would make one think some of the news articles were written by the semi-illiterate. All of those gaffes seem minimal though when compared to some of the reporting that has been presented to us though, it seems that all to frequently the media just can not get their stories straight on important events. That, and the political partisanship expressed by many major media companies gets me to wondering just exactly how it is that the Supreme Court of the United States keeps upholding the freedom of the press for the media when in fact it is more like the media is a group of political hills - or at best fiction writers not at all reporting the news but presenting the tallest of tall tales I have read in years. 

I guess, when I think about it a bit, I should not be surprised by the terrible grammar, the abysmal lack of knowledge on basic school subjects such as geography, the glaring political partisanship or any other fault with media reporting when it seems they in the media strives to sling mud more so than they strive to accurately report the news. No wonder, that when I pick up a newspaper, I go straight to either the funnies or the crossword puzzle.

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