Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have You Got 20 Minutes & 4 Seconds to Spare?

If you have the time, then sit back, turn on the sound, and watch the video clip of Radar Men From The Moon - Chapter 1. This is the Commando Cody series I so loved as a kid (already repeats when I saw them as they came out in the early 50s and I watched em in the early to mid 60s). I loved em then, and to tell the truth - even though they are quite korny, out of date and pretty low budget with somewhat lousy acting - they still hold a certain fascination for me. Why? Well, not as much nostalgia as you may think but because they hold forth some truths from back then that we should look to in our current political turmoil.

What truths? First of all that the government was secretive even back then when it came to things like national defense and what it told the good citizens of our country and Nancy Pelosi ought to get that by now. More importantly that national defense was the government's job. More importantly yet - the government depended upon private citizens (aka: individuals) - such as Commando Cody - to assist when times were tough even with national defense. Finally that citizens like him were the true security of our great nation and individuals meant a lot to our nation. In other words, when it comes right down to the nitty gritty, the individual not the goobermint is primarily responsible for how things get done in our country and the politicians and government bureaucrats darned well better get to knowing it. Sure the governments plays a great part, but not without the consent of the people and help from the people, especially in light of the fact that the government is selected by the people. It was a way of life back then - but it sure is not today - at least not in the eyes of uber liberals. They want the G to run the whole show. Truth be told, the government would not even be able to wipe its own behind if it had one.

Enough from me, here it is:

If you want to watch more of the episodes then go to this link:

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Glenn B