Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gun Side Notes

I realize that I may seem remiss in not posting anything about my latest rifle acquisition, the Mosin Nagant 91/30 with turned down bolt. Truth be told I have not even cleaned it yet. since acquiring it. I had been planning on cleaning it a couple of nights ago and I grabbed both it and my Hungarian Mosin Nagant M44 and started on the M44. I had shot the M44 about a week before cleaning it, shame on me for not cleaning it the same night I shot it. The bore was virtually sealed with a light orange or light red frosting from one end to the other. After a few nights of intensive barrel cleanings, another couple of trips to the range to shoot clean ammo through it, and more cleanings, it seems apparent the barrel is either flecked or pitted. I am going to get a steel brush and use that for another good cleaning after letting it soak in Breakfree CLP for awhile longer. What a shame that barrel was ruined by ammo sold to me as non-corrosive that turned out to be quite corrosive. It was a spam can of 1970's production 7.62x54R com-bloc ammo. By the time I realized it was corrosive it was too late. Now each time I shoot the Hungarian M44 with clean current production ammo, or just wait a day or two after cleaning it, it gets all rusted/frosted up no matter how much I clean it. I had thought modern ammo would blow out some of the crappy residue from the corrosive ammo and took it to the range a couple of times to try to blow out some of the corrosion but it seems to be an ineffective method.  I also used soap and water, black powder cleaner, Windex, diluted ammonia, alcohol (not mixing any of these mind you) and a good amount of penetrating and cleaning oils. It still looks crappy.

I am pissed because that is a great rifle. I suppose if I try to keep it meticulous, I may be able to fend off further damage, but the damage is already done. I will not be doing that to the 91/30 so I am awaiting a shipment of 240 rounds of current production Brown Bear non-corrosive 7.62x54R ammo from the I ordered it yesterday and it shipped today. Should be here in time for a test shoot next weekend. I will be throwing out or giving away (probably giving away) all of the remaining corrosive 7.62x54R ammo that I have on hand. Of course, I will tell whomever I give it to that it is corrosive.

Now if only I could figure a way to remove any of the corrosive salts from the barrel so it does not get that screwed up any more. Seems there must be residue of the stuff since it gets rusted so badly time after time. Anybody have any hints on a good solvent for corrosive ammo fouling?

All the best,
Glenn B