Saturday, October 22, 2022

Firearms Related Purchases - It's Not Merely The Cost of Guns & Ammo...

 ...that have been going up over the past several years for firearms enthusiasts. In fact it seems almost all gun related items (with one exception among what I've bought) have been much getting more expensive almost every year ( almost because some went down at first but then again went up) since at least 2017 and the higher prices do not necessarily match the inflation rate.
Here are some examples of firearms related products that I have purchased through Amazon Prime since 2017 and their prices over the years.These prices are the base price not including tax & shipping. While most were shipped free of charge, some were not. For example, because Gunzilla is shipped directly from the manufacturer, it came with a shipping charge - with tax & shipping that meant about another 8  or 9 dollars added to the price shown below. Note all prices shown below are Amazon Prime prices unless Prime was unavailable for an item.

4 - Silica Gel - Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers 40 Gram Canisters of Desiccant 
Now $39.99
2021 $29.54
2019 $24.99
2017 $7.11 (2 pack – so it would have been $14.22 for 4)
Southern Bloomer Shotgun Cotton Patch 3X3” 500/bag
Now $33.91
September 2018 $15.99
May 2018 $12.06
October 2017 $17.93
It amazes me that what amount to bits of rags cost that much.
Southern Bloomer Pistol/Rifle Cotton Cleaning Patches 2.5X2.5" 1000/BG
Now $35.91 
2021 $29.59
2020 $23.99
2018 $26.40
2017 $26.43
Sack-Ups Valu-Pac Camo Field Grey, 3 per Pack, gun socks
Now $29.31
2018 $23.31
GUNZILLA 16Oz Turret Top
Now $29.95
2020 $29.95
2019 $29.54
2018 $22.67
Gunzilla has been pretty good at holding nearly the same price over the years, at least after 2018. I will admit though, I think it overpriced regardless but I buy it because it seemingly works as good or better than most other gun cleaning products I have tried and is supposedly non-toxic.
Black n' Red Notebook (bound book for my C&R FFL records)
Now $8.48
2019 $6.99
The reason I wrote a post about this was that I was about to order four small 40 gram desiccant containers and was shocked when I saw the current price is $39.99. Being my little gray cells do not have the same memory capacity as they did some years ago, I decided to check to see if my mind was playing tricks on me or not because I would have sworn they had been much less expensive not all that long ago. My little gray cells were on the money this time because those desiccant packs have gone up almost 41% in just 5 years.

Damn and folks thought toilet paper prices went up astronomically during the Covid brouhaha. 

All the best,
Glenn B