Thursday, July 25, 2013

One of My Female Bearded Dragons Dropped 18 Eggs In Her First Clutch

The male is the one strutting his stuff next to one of the females. The
other female is hard at work laying eggs under the laying box. Note the
male's stub tail and the missing toes on the right hind foot.
I got two free female bearded dragons awhile back from one of my son's friends. Wasn't thinking all that much about breeding them although I had toyed with the thought of buying a male to join them. Then, a few weeks back, on July 1st, I got a free adult male. They were not in the tank together very long before he started mating with them.

She sure looks like she is down to serious business.

One of them dropped 18 eggs tonight. I put together a nice laying box for her, full of a mixture of potting soil, sphagnum moss (long cut) and black garden soil (consisting of composted weeds, grass, leaves and such).

Click on it to enlarge it and look closely,
you can see three of the eggs.
 She dug in it a few times, then decided she wanted to dig out the sand from under that box and lay under there. Go figure. Luckily the box did not slip down onto her or the eggs after she dug out enough sand to make a nice laying chamber.

All done laying, she is coming out from under. Once
out, she turned around and used her snout and front
legs to start pushing sand back under the box and over
the eggs. I took them out before she finished and put
them into an incubator for proper temps and humidity.
I am guessing, since she laid tonight, that the other one can not be more than a few days to a week from doing so herself. Time will tell. I did not palpate either one to feel if they were gravid but she, like the one that laid tonight, put on a some weight and heft so I imagine she is also going to drop soon.

I foresee there will be thousands of 1/8 and 1/4 crickets, chirping away in my basement, in my near future - about 70 days. Hopefully, I will sell or trade them all before I have to move up to 1/2 inch crickets or larger.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Cool Outside Today But I Am Almost Boiling Over

Not because its hot inside my house and not because I have a fever but because I have been waiting for a Verizon technician to arrive and fix my set-top television box and my Internet router. I had an appointment for between 0800 and 12 noon, the guy has not showed up yet at 1528!

Later 4 you
(or should I say for me),

My Wife Left Me A Basket Of Laundry...

...and I was a little surprised to see what she included in with the dirty clothes.

While the clothing may make a soft bed, I would think that A B Normal (aka: Abby) could have found a better smelling place to sleep. Then again, I imagine that the scent, of we humans in her pack, gives her some comfort even if it is on the clothes needing to be washed. I almost hated to have to wake her to get the wash done, not because I woke her but because doing the wash means I'll have to fold it later and that sucks.

All the best,

Sometimes Tragedy Seems Ordained

It almost seems as if their deaths were predestined to have taken place in Maine at the time they died. See:

Out of respect for the families and loved ones of the victims, I will not comment more, other than to say that, everyone who drives should be familiar with how to get out of a submerged vehicle and should at least mentally go over the steps to take every now and again.

All the best,