Friday, December 30, 2011

Beer Theft 101

Want to see a neat way to steal beer or just about anything bigger than most bread boxes but smaller than a regular sized beer keg. Then go here to the Feral Irishman a look at his post WTF???..... Beer Smuggling ........ I thought that was amazingly innovative and funny as all hell.

All the best
and Happy New Year,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Traffic Stop Shootout

This video shows pretty much, as I see it, why you really need to be a different kind of person to be in law enforcement and why people need to stop bitching that cops get paid too much. When part of your job is to face guys like this, then you can  bitch (yes I believe that military pay is way too low). The video is not new, it was reported on in May 2011 but it is the first time I have seen it. It wins the Ballseye Video of the Year Award, well it would win it if there was such an award. Let's just say, I like it a lot because they got the piece of shit.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Good News For Me For Now

I saw my radiation oncologist yesterday. He scoped out my throat and despite all the pain I have been having in my mouth and throat he had good news for me. He cannot see any of the lesion or tumor where my cancer apparently started in my right tonsil and the rest of my throat also looks good. So, at least on the outside, my tonsil looks clear of cancer. Now I have to wait, until late February or early March, for the PET Scan and CT Scan to see if they got it all inside of my tonsil and in my lymph nodes. One can only hope.

Besides me hoping that they do not find any sign of the cancer by then, I am also hopeful that by then all of the pain will have gone away. My mouth and throat have been painful enough to make me cut back on eating lately and I lost a few pounds in the last two weeks. That made my gastroenterologist decide, today, to cancel my PEG tube (stomach feeding tube) removal for tomorrow. He said it would just be a better bet to wait to make sure I absolutely no longer need it. He is watching out for me.

Me, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, December 26, 2011

Obama 2012

If this poster does not make people on the left, or at least those in the middle and those who lean a bit left, think about for whom they should vote, then something is terribly wrong with the way they think.

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Glenn B

Note: I got that one in an email; there was no copyright info attached so I am showing it here. If I find out there is a copyright and get all the owner's contact info, I will check with the owner to see if it is okay to leave it up or not. For now, it stays.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I hope you have a joyous, merry, fun, safe and healthy Christmas and that it is all you hoped it would be.

And shame on me for doing it so late but please allow me to wish all my Jewish readers a very Happy Hanukkah, may you enjoy all of its days in health, peace and safety.

Then, almost finally, to all, my wish that you have a very Happy New year.

Of course, for the rest of you there is always Festivus. If you do not celebrate any of the above, then allow me to wish you Happy Festivus.

All the best,
Glenn B

A State Trooper's Christmas Eve

Great video, give it a watch.

All the best and Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Guns and Ammo As Good As Gold?

I don't see why anyone suddenly would think that it is something new, that is to consider guns and ammo to be as good as gold. Heck, I have always thought they were better than gold but you can bet I would not mind having some gold on hand too. Just too expensive for me, shame on me for not buying some a few years back. I did buy guns and ammo though, so I have no shortages there.

Is Ammo The New Gold? Part 1

A hat tip goes out to The War On Guns for making me aware of this graphic that can be found at

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers For The Firearms Enthusiast, Hunter and Fisherman

Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done yet or haven't you  even started yet? Do you find it difficult to decide what to buy for that special person like your wife, husband, son, daughter, best friend, or whomever? Are you waiting for Christmas Eve to go out into the mad rush to buy last minute gifts? Have you gotten almost everything already but just need a stocking stuffer or two to complete your gift shopping? Is the person for whom you are shopping a firearms enthusiast or an avid outdoorsman, such as a hunter, fisherman, or shooter. If the person for whom you need a gift falls into that classification then allow me to give you some ideas for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.


AMMO: A box of ammunition in the caliber he shoots most. Ammo is always a welcome gift, well at least when it is in the right caliber and grain weight. If you live with the person for whom you are shopping, and you are not sure of the right caliber or bullet weight, sneak a look at his or her stash of ammo. Write down what is says on the outside of the box and head out to your nearest gun shop. It should be a cinch to get it right. Just in case, make sure the ammo shop allows exchanges.

CLEANING SOLVENT: Another welcomed gift by anyone who shoots a lot and who properly cares for his firearms. It should be easy to check on what brand is used by the person for whom you are shopping but brand is not usually as critical as long as you buy a good solvent that gets the job done. A well used and respected solvent is Hoppes No. 9 and another of a different type is Break-Free CLP but there are many others out there from which to choose. You pretty much cannot go wrong with the two above for regular shooting but if the shooter is a muzzle loader then look to something like CVA Barrel Blaster Black Powder Cleaning Solvent.

A FIREARMS SCREWDRIVER SET: Not a bad thing to have on hand when adjustments need to be made to sights or scopes, or when small repairs may need to be made at the range. You can spend a lot of money on a high quality high priced gun screwdriver set  or you can buy a bargain set of good enough quality to be used out in the field for emergencies. A mid-level priced gun screwdriver set is also makes a good stocking stuffer.

GIFT CARD: A gift card, to your shooter's favorite gun shop (just an example) or to a store, that sells firearms and firearms accessories, like Dick's Sporting Goods, is another idea for a stocking stuffer. This could be in just about any amount but to be reasonable I would start at about at least $15 and work my way up depending on how much I wanted to spend.


You can get most of the gift that I mentioned above if the hunter uses a firearm for hunting. Other gifts that you might consider, in general for both firearm and archery hunters, could be:

KNIFE: You can buy either a straight edged knife or a folding knife. For a stocking stuffer, unless yo know the knife preferences of the person for whom you are shopping, I recommend a folding knife, with two blades, with a blade length of 4 inches or less for the larger blade. In essence, what I would recommend is an all around utility type knife like this Case Trapper, which is made in the USA.

COMPASS: Something that many hunters carry but all too many do not carry with them while hunting is a decent compass. Even if you do not know how to read a compass as regarding map reading you can still use one to help you navigate through the woods. For example, if you park your car on a north/south bound road, then walked into the woods to the west, you would know your vehicle was basically back toward the east when you wanted out, and a compass can help make sure you go in the right direction. I prefer liquid filled lensatic compasses such as this one but you may want to talk to a knowledgeable salesperson before buying one to decide on one that is good for all around use.

GLO-STICKS: These are pretty much a must have, especially for the hunter who goes it alone in the woods or fields. In the event that the hunter becomes lost, or maybe is incapacitated (say a broken leg or bad sprain) and must spend the night afield due to an emergency, it is a good idea to have at least a three night's supply of these. Glo-Sticks come in various colors, I like the original greenish-yellow glow and they also come in ones that last for various amounts of time from a few hours up to at least 12 hours. I prefer the ones that will glow for 12 hours. I recommend you get these at a local sporting goods store or at an automobile supply store (they are sometimes used instead of flares as they probably are safer than flares) and that you shop for price on these. 

GIFT CARD: Ditto as above under For The Shooter.


LURES: It is important to know the type of fishing that is being done if you want to buy some lures for a stocking stuffer (please make sure they remain sealed in original packages so the hooks are not exposed). There are many types of lures such as Crank Baits, Poppers, Buzz Baits, Spoons, Artificial Worms, Flys and on and on.

Fillet Knife: A good quality fillet knife is often a good bet to put a smile on a fisherman's face. I know that I have seen mine turn into a rusted mess and I have lost more of them than I care to admit while on fishing trips. I prefer one with about an 8 inch blade length, like this moderately priced Rapala, just in case I catch that monster fish I have dreamed about.

FISHERMAN'S PLIERS: This is an almost indispensable tool for the guy or gal who goes fishing a lot. They come in both regular carbon steel and in stainless steel. I prefer the stainless steel models and although they cost somewhat more they are worth it to me. Rapala makes some at reasonable prices and their are other brands available, some at much higher prices (see page two of the linked page).

GIFT CARD: Ditto as above under For The Shooter.

I hope this helps, if you are still without a needed gift, for one of the types of outdoorsmen I listed above. I know that I would be happy to get any of the gifts on the list (HINT to my family).

All the best,
Glenn B

Disclaimer:  I do not receive any type of pay or other compensation for my linking to the businesses mentioned or linked to above nor do I receive same for mentioning the products discussed above. In addition, I do not endorse any of those businesses or products for any reason. I have used some of the products mentioned above, or have used ones similar them. I have shopped at almost all, but not all, of the business to which I have linked. I used the ones at which I have shopped only due to my limited familiarity with them. I used the one(s) with which I am unfamiliar due to the conveninence of them selling the product I was writing about.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Has Arrived...

...and with its arrival the days have started to get longer, a little bit more sunshine, or at least more daylight, each day now - winter through the spring. That is a good thing. Of course there is also the cold, the bitter cold, the winds, the sleet, the snow, and the snowmen. How did that song go, something to the effect:

'...the weather outside is frightful
but the fire inside is delightful...

And that is the way I suppose I will look at it until the weather warms up on its own in the spring (or sooner if global warming clobbers us and the polar bears). Of course, I will look at it that way so long as i can pay the bills for my home heating oil. I just paid about $400 bucks for about a hundred gallons of oil. That hurts when you consider there are almost sure to be at least 3 more months of oil bills at least as high as that and probably higher because sooner or later it really will feel like winter and get cold, the more oil used for more heat. Oh well, I must admit, it is rather delightful to come in from the cold to a nice warm home and my wife keeps the thermostat set at about 62. Still, when you come in from a really cold day, it feels toasty inside if the heat was on recently even when set that low.

Despite the cold and the fact that cold and my bones no longer agree with one another, I love it. Maybe that is because a god amount of winter assures a good amount of spring and that a good amount of summer and that a good balance of the fall. I do love the four seasons, especially the changing of the seasons as we have it here in NY. When I lived in southern California for four years, we had it hot from about March through the ass end of October, then it was cool with a few really cold days thrown it. Well, that is if you can consider 35 to 40 degrees really cold and I guess you can consider those temps as just that when it used to hit in the hundred and tens rather frequently in the four really hot months. Seems that your blood thins out and anything under 50 to 60 degrees is cold. It took me about 4 or 5 years to adjust to NY temps when I moved back up this way.

Enough of my rambling. Enjoy the first day of winter and the days of it yet to come. If you like the cold, then this is your season. If you do not look forward to the cold and the snow then think of it this way - the days are getting longer.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fun Fact - The Christmas Eve and Christmas Moon Phases

Here is a fun fact for this year: The New Moon will fall on Christmas Eve and the Moon will begin to wax (appear larger) beginning in Christmas day. So on Christmas eve you will not be able to see the moon, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and you will again be able to see it, at least a sliver of it, on Christmas day. Much like the moon will be reborn on Christmas just as it was the birthday of Jesus. Just thought I would put that out there for those of you who might enjoy the heavenly coincidence. Go here to check on moon phases on an interactive moon phase calendar.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Those Unpredicatable Hermann's Tortoises

There is was, beginning to prepare my Hermann's Tortoises for hibernation/brumation. I had made darned sure that they have been well fed lately, hoping to assure they were healthy enough and of a high enough weight to withstand a couple to a few months without food at lowered temperatures (probably in the mid forties to mid fifties Fahrenheit). I also had made sure that they were well hydrated by not only supplying them with drinking water frequently but also by keeping the cypress mulch substrate in their enclosure fairly moist. I added substrate to the enclosure so that they could dig down and completely cover themselves with substrate twice their height. This was all in anticipation of not feeding them for 10 days to a week, then turning off their heat lamp for about a week, then placing them into a room where the temps are very close to what I mentioned above. They would stay there for two to three months or a bit more.

There is no reason that these tortoises absolutely must be placed into hibernation while in captivity. It is not like it will adversely effect their health if they do not hibernate, at least as far as I am aware. They do just fine without it. The thing is though, if you want to breed them and if you want the eggs to be viable and to have been fertilized by the male tortoise, them hibernation is strongly advised. Hibernation allows the male to develop sperm and apparently also allows the female to develop viable eggs (personal communication with Ed Bennett, et al). This past spring/summer my female laid two clutches of eggs, I think 9 eggs in all if I recall correctly. Only 2 of those eggs hatched, one from each clutch.  I incubated them properly so I wondered what else might have gone wrong to cause such a low hatch rate when Hermann's Tortoise eggs often have about an 80% hatch rate. I learned that not having hibernated them could have been the problem. Another factor may have been that the eggs got a bit too cool after being laid. I probably got them out within an hour or two of her laying one clutch and sooner after she laid the other but they still had enough time to cool to the temperature of the substrate which probably was in the mid to upper seventies although the surface temp was much warmer.

I woke up to a dream that she was laying this morning and I walked over to her enclosure and checked on her. To my surprise some dreams do come true. She was in the process of dropping eggs when I took a look. Of course, me dreaming about it this morning could be called coincidence but I think it was probably more an anticipatory collection of thoughts that came out in a dream due to the circumstances. The circumstances being I saw her starting to dig with her hind legs yesterday, a sure sign she is ready to lay eggs. So, yesterday afternoon, I added even more substrate to her enclosure, enough for her to feel that she had dug deep enough to have made a good nest. I was really somewhat surprised that she laid already today. The last two clutches were laid a couple to a few days after she started test digging nest sites. Tortoises and other turtles often dig test nest holes or just dig holes that for some reason they find unsuitable and they just walk away from them. That could also be due to the fact that they may not be quite ready to lay eggs but think they are ready, sort of a false labor sort of a thing. Whatever the reason, she laid them pretty quickly after her first attempts at digging a nest site this time around.

After seeing them, I did not waste any time. I got the incubator down off of the shelf, found a suitable small plastic container to hold the eggs inside the incubator and got out the long cut sphagnum moss and gave it a good soaking, then squeezed out the excess water, then put that into the plastic container. As soon as the heat inside my Hovabator incubator was at the proper temperature, I put the eggs into the substrate inside the plastic container and put that into the incubator. Time will tell if these eggs are all fertile or not. if they are, then I can expect a mixed batch of male and female Hermann's tortoises in about 75 days, give or take around 5 days. The reason I can expect a batch of mixed sex babies is because I will incubate the eggs between 86 to about 88.5 degrees Fahrenheit (1). The sex of baby tortoises is determined by temperature at a certain stage of their development. Since I will leave the temp set in that range for the whole of the development it is a good bet they will be mixed sex, that is if the eggs hatch. Last time, I am pretty sure I incubated at a slightly higher temperature range to get all females. Time will also tell if I got that right although it will be a few years before sex can be easily determined in the tortoises from the first two clutches. Right now though, I am simply hoping that all the eggs are fertile. I will be surprised if they are since they have not hibernated but as I said, time will tell.

While determination of the sex of the babies may be predictable, the breeding habits of the adults surely is not predictable. With the shortened days, cooler nights in my basement, and other environmental factors, I would have expected the two adult Hermann's Tortoises that I have to be getting ready to hibernate as opposed to be breeding and egg laying. I do not usually like surprises, seems they are more often bad ones than good. This time though, even though quite unexpected a very surprising, it was a pleasant surprise at that.

All the best
Glenn B

1) Highfield, A.C. 1994. Keeping And Breeding Tortoises In Capitivity. The Longdunn Press Ltd., Bristol.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Made In USA - Feedback On Some Recent Online Orders

Yesterday, I received the Federal .223 ammo that I ordered last week from Cheaper Than Dirt. I have to hand it to them, they virtually always seem to get my orders right and deliver them promptly. I was going to give the ammo to my son as a Christmas gift but  just gave it to him now for him being him. He gave me several rides back and forth during my chemo treatments and he has been the one to whom I can talk to the most when I emotions have gotten all shot to hell by this cancer crisis. I just figured that he has been nice enough that he deserved a little something extra and this wound up fitting the bill. He was quite the happy shootist to receive it and quite surprised, I think, to find out why he got it now instead of for Christmas.

Today, I received the items I ordered, last week, from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. They got the order right too, which is always a plus. Now, I knew the Case knife that I ordered was made in the USA. All of their knives are made in the USA. That is a good thing and a good reason to buy from them at least now and again. Besides that being a good reason, they seemingly made high quality knives and that is one heck of another good reason to buy from them. There was a surprise in this order though and I am not one who usually likes surprises. The reason I do not like them is because they are all too often bad surprises. Surprisingly (was that a pun) this one was a good surprise.

The surprise was that the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility knife that I ordered was also made in the USA. Go figure, I had thought that Ka-Bar had given up making all but there highest quality knives in America. Well anyway, there was a another plus for Ka-Bar. When I say another plus, I guess the best plus for them is that they make this particular knife. I love them, I own 4 of them now, two full sized (as was this one) and two sort versions. Actually, Brendan owns one of the short versions and I( own the other. Of course, there was another bit of a surprise, the sheath was not made in the USA. That was made in Mexico. It is a sad case of affairs when crap like that has to happen, we really are losing too much of our production capabilities due to it being so much less expensive to do it elsewhere, but I digress. At least it was made in a country close to home and in one from which we are sooooooo lucky to have about 30 million illegal aliens living in ours. Yes, that being lucky part was a bit of sarcasm. Still though, I am quite happy the knife was made in the USA. By the way, that is not engraved on the blade. That info was on a sticker on the end of the box that said the knife was made here and the sheath was made there.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works also sent me a small token of their appreciation for having placed my order. It is an old fashioned can/bottle opener. Actually it may have been Case that assured I would get that little gift for having ordered a Christmas Trapper. I am not too sure if I am going to keep it for myself or put it into Brendan's Christmas stocking. After all, he is of legal drinking age and he does enjoy a cold one or three now and again and there must be some beers out there besides Heineken (which he is not a big fan of) that require a bottle opener. As for the can opener end, I kind of wish they went back to making cans like that so church keys would be a mandatory piece of bling to hang from your key chain. Yep, if I were to wear bling, that would be it for me.

Well, the orders both went through without a hitch. The merchandise is quality stuff and most of it was made in the good old US of A. You cannot get much better than that. You will excuse me now, I need to go find the Christmas wrapping paper and get that Trapper all dolled up.

All the best,
Glenn B
PS: Want to know how to get spam comments for your posts? Just go ahead and write up a post or two about something you plan to or have ordered, such as ammo or knives. No sooner had that post been up for just a few days and whamo, there it was a comment telling me, in the most general fashion, just how nice was my post. There was no indication that the person who left the spam actually read or liked my post, the comment was that vague. Well, whomever sent me that comment just assured I will not be making purchases from their company any time soon. Comment deleted. I write up posts about purchases I have made of firearms, ammo and accessories because I figure when I find a good supplier or a good deal why not share the source and when I get crapola service products, why not warn my readers of the same. I get nothing from the retailers or manufacturer's for that. It is not a service for them, it is a courtesy for my readers and something interesting for me to write about. Hope you enjoy such posts but please do not send me spam comments - they probably will be deleted.(I said probably because I seem to recall having let one or two slide over the st year or two if only because the comment that they left indicated they actually had read my post and were specifically commenting about my post as opposed to leaving a general all purpose comment just to squeeze in the spam.)

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Decent Deal On Knives...

...Is Being Offered At Smokey Mountain Knife Works (

They are offering 10% off the price and shipping and handling for only $1.00 on purchases of $50.00 or more, the offfer is shown as good until December 12th. When ordering, you must use the savings code that they supply (it was on their home page when I placed my order). That was not a bad deal and since I have been wanting to order a 2011 Case Christmas Trapper and a Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility Knife with straight edged blade, I jumped on it.

Christmas, for someone in my house, is going to be very nice this year. That 2011 Case Christmas Trapper is beautiful. They had another Case Christmas knife called T'was The Night Before Christmas but it was on back order so I passed it up. I would have ordered that one instead of the 2011 Christmas Trapper but there really was no assurance that I would receive it in time to get it in the stocking over the fireplace in time for Christmas.

As far as the Ka-Bar goes, I don't know if that is a give away or if I will keep it. I may just throw it into the emergency gear and leave it there in case of emergency. It surely is one heck of a good knife to have when you need a knife for just about anything from gutting a deer to chopping down a tree for firewood (I only use dead trees). I have carried one afield with me for many years. Nowadays, I sometimes carry the shortened version instead of the full sized one. I must admit, I like them both, but I do like the full sized one the best.

So, if you need a knife, or accessories related to knives such as sharpeners, check out Smokey Mountain Knife Works for a good deal but bear in mind that it expires on December 12th.

All the best,
Glenn B

I've Been Shopping For Ammo And The Best Prices...

...require some looking if you want to find them. For instance, today, I was interested in picking up about 500 rounds of .223 ammo as a Christmas gift for my son (he never reads my blog so it is a safe bet this will still be a seKrit come Christmas). While doing my search for a good price, what caught my eye was a deal I received in an email for 420 rounds of Federal XM855 5.56 NATO Ammo 62 Grain FMJBT in a steel ammo can, all the ammo on stripper clips. The price was $169.97 at I could settle for 420 rounds instead of 500. This ammo had a few things going for it. It is made to NATO specs, it is 62 grain (which shoots very well out of both of my son's ARs) and it came in an ammo can on stripper clips (a gimmick to get you to buy it but I like it). I am no longer a member of The Sportsman's Guide Buyer's Club so the discount down to $161.47 would not apply unless I joined again which will be a distinct possibility on my next order from them since they have good deals that usually are only made better by joining for $29.99 for the year. Regardless, they are offering free shipping, on items above $99, for a limited time. That was not a bad deal but I would shop around first.

I found the same ammo on about 4 other websites. Some were close in price, maybe one or two were better in price of the ammo but none offered free shipping so the deal at The Sports Mans Guide was looking good. That was until I went to Cheaper Than Dirt had the exact same ammo (ammo can and stripper clips included) for $139.97 but shipping had to be paid. With shipping and handling, the total price worked out to $159.97. BINGO, that was the best deal I could find on this ammo so, I bought it!

I have noticed, that lately you often can get better prices at Cheaper Than Dirt than you can at The Sportsman's Guide. The thing is though, The Sportsman's Guide usually has a better selection of ammo in bulk. Cheaper Than Dirt, for some reason, does not carry as many ammo items in bulk. By bulk,  I mean ammo that is sold in at least 200 round lots,  half cases, full cases or larger lots. Why they do not usually sell it, at Cheaper Than Dirt, in bulk is beyond me. Since buying it in bulk is most often the better deal, I usually shop at places like Sportsman's Guide, Ammo To Go, Military Shooters, or SG Ammo. Today though, the better deal was at Cheaper Than Dirt.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Winds Of War - Whipping The Shores of the Falkland Islands...

...Or Maybe We Should Call Them The Maldives

After reading the article at the below link:

I would think that another Falklands Island war is almost inevitable. There certainly could be many different outcomes of the events reported upon in the article but it seems to me as if Argentina is almost begging for it. This time they just may win it. England, as a country is a mess. Her armed forces are probably not much better off than is the rest of the country. Argentina, according to the article, has already gathered allies to lend their support. Who will support England? Probably not the United State of America, not in any way other than lip service and maybe a loan of a fighter jet or two. We are involved in two wars already and are having difficulties getting out of them. I doubt we could do much for England except to arm her and as badly off as we are when it comes to our economy I wonder what could we afford to lend? Not much.

Nope, if it happens this time, I foresee difficult times for the English and for the inhabitants of the Falklands and maybe a new flag raised high thereabouts.

All the best,
Glenn B

19 Words, As Valid Today As They Were On December 7, 1941

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

How the world once feared and respected the United States of America can be seen in the quote attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Yes, Japan lost its fear and respect for us and paid the ultimate price for it, unconditional surrender after a brutal few years of terribly destructive battle. The truly sad thing though is that Japan was merely ahead of its time by about 70 years, today being the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the final even that brought the United States into WWII. Had the Japanese been more patient, maybe as seem to be the Chinese (they are almost at the point where they have no reason at all to respect us and little reason to fear us), the Japanese may have won. This is no longer 1941 and we have changed.

Our people are no longer indivisible, we no longer are a patriotic unified force. We have, to a large degree, lost the will to fight to protect those things that made us the greatest nation on the face of the earth - the one to which people flock for opportunity to achieve the American Dream, and we are now filled not with those who worked hard to get here and waited their turn to come here legally but with those who sauntered across our southern and even our northern borders virtually unchallenged - even welcomed by vote greedy politicians. We are a nation of people who have in great part forgotten our once great liberties and rights, who have given them up for this or that promised to us by those same politicians as we slide closer and closer each day toward the exact same things from which people once fled to our shores - things like tyranny, communism, fascism, and socialism. We truly face an enemy as we have never before and that enemy is the enemy within.

Yet, there are still many of us willing to fight, willing to uphold the things that made us strong. To stand for the rule of law, to uphold our Constitution and its amendments. To remain unfailingly patriotic when we face an enemy from without or within. Those among us who would give all to defend our way of life. Sadly though, we are diminished in number as each day goes by if only because of how these sacred things, sacred to any country with liberty and justice for all, are so easily obscured by those to whom we have given our trust to act as our leaders. In order to overcome this, we need only look to the sources of our having been born as a nation. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. Read the Bill of Rights. Then tell me, does out current administration really have our best interests at heart. I think not and I believe that if you truly sit back and read those fairly brief documents I just mentioned then you will believe likewise, if not then  believe you too are the enemy the enemy of the greatest nation on earth. I will be doing all that I can, in the upcoming 11 months or so to change how we stand. Stand by me and do the same, then on election day make sure to vote the current administration out of office. Let them know, the 19 words that began this post have not been forgotten and are as valid today as they were when first uttered 70 years ago, let them know that you and I are part of that sleeping giant and we are filled with a terrible resolve, one that means we will do all it takes to protect the United States of America just as did our forefathers in 1941.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blogging More As Time Goes By, I Must Be On A Roll

I have posted 4 blogs in the last week (not including this one). I suppose that means I am getting back to a more normal blog posting schedule for me since all the cancer crap began. I also suppose that means I must be feeling better as time goes by and there certainly is some truth to that though I am far from normal in that regard. They say time heals all wounds, I certainly hope so but even if that is a load of bullshit, I can still get back into my normal blogging flow in the meantime as long as  am feeling up to it.

All the best,
Glenn B

In How Many Different Countries Were Your Firearms Manufactured and In What Countries

I figured this would be a sort of fun meme to start up and have go around the gun blogging world. Allow me to lay out the rules. Regarding firearms that you currently own, from how many different countries of manufacture do you own firearms? Let's see, for those who don't get it yet, your guns have to be owned by you right now, you cannot include ones you used to own, hope to own or that are on layaway, etc. Now regarding those and only those, go take a look at them and figure out where they were manufactured. I am not asking you how many guns you have that were made in any particular country but just how many different countries of manufacture your collection covers and that you list those countries.

As far as my guns go, I currently own guns made in nine different countries. Just to make it a bit more interesting I will list the make of the guns from those countries, well one from each country and just note whether or not I also have others from the same country. You can answer how you like, list all of your guns from each country or one as I have done, or none but remember the bottom line is to tell us how many different countries your guns were made in and to name the countries.

Here are the countries in which my guns were manufactured:

1) Germany - Ortgies .32 Auto
2) Hungary - Mosin Nagant M44
3) Italy Beretta - 92SB
4) Philippines - Armscor 14Y
5) Poland - 1955 WZ-48 .22 LR Trainer‏
6) Romania - WASR AK-47
7) United States of America - Smith & Wesson Model 17-8 and several others

8) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - Mosin Nagant 91/30
9) Yugoslavia - SKS and at least one other rifle

Now that I think of it, that covers a certain number of continents too, but maybe that is best saved for another meme on another day.

Byt the way, if someone else did this meme before, shame on me for not knowing but you can still give an answer. If no one has thought of it before, then have fun with an original idea from the muddled middle aged mind of Ballseye.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Heart Is Heavy As Cain Quits The Campaign

This was the man I was sure could do it. He had a platform that looked to me to be the best or close to the best of all the candidates. I was fairly sure that the sexual allegations against him were bogus. He still claims there were just that but he put an end to his campaign because of the heat he and his family were suffering. If he did not commit those things of which he was accused he should have stood his ground. If he did do one of them or more of them, he should have said the same thing I thought William Clinton should have said: "America, you caught me with my pants down" and left it at that then continued on. Clinton should have been thrown out of office for lying to Congress under oath. Cain, well if he did those things and lied o cover up, he would have faced the consequences of dropping like a rock in the polls. If he did not do them, then dropped out, well I am thinking I would not want him as my president after all if he crumbled that easily under pressure from his adversaries.

I am saddened though, I thought we had a winner in him. Unless he does something wonderful I doubt he could make a comeback if he wanted to. It's over, he is washed up on the rocky shore like so many others before him who for one reason or another just could not make it to safe harbor. He was unable to reach friendly shores to ready himself for battle against the real enemy who in this case is President Obama. What a shame.

I can only hope and pray that less than conservative Repooblikans do not now turn even more toward that douche bag from MA, Romney. I think he is about as liberal as Kerry and I think as conservative as whom I believe to be a RINO, that Democrat in Republican's clothing, none other than John McCain. I would rather vote for Ron Paul than for Romney, maybe even that socialist commie Huntsman as I see him. I guess now, my vote in the primary will have to go for Newt Gingrich. Yes, I know his stance on illegal aliens sucks but sometimes you have to bend a little. Of course, if I thought he had even a small chance at winning, I would vote for Santorum, likewise for Bachman.

We still have time until this plays out, one can hope that Bachman or Santorum will rise to the top.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, December 1, 2011

That Old College Ring Finally Came In Handy For Something...

..and that something was cash to the tune of enough to make me happy I decided to sell it. I have not worn it in many years since it does not fit any more but even if it did fit I wouldn't wear it. I just don't wear jewelry. As a matter of fact, I had not seen the ring for over 3 or 4 months; it somehow wound up on the floor behind my computer desk in the basement. I dug it out of there recently and decided that if I could get a decent price for it, I would sell it. Well, I asked how much they would give, then told them to add on a bit more, they said okay and I sold it. The buyer was a pawn shop that buys and sells gold among other things. I dealt with these folks once before and that time I went to about 4 or 5 other dealers trying to get a price on a small gold ring I had back then. The place I sold the ring at today had the best offer then so I used them again today. (My son also sold some items to them today and he shopped around and this place gave him the best deal.)

I was going to sell the college ring last year at a pawn shop in NYC but they told me the ring was not gold but had iron in it. Actually it was 14 carat white gold that had a black finish added onto the low spots to add a nice contrast between them and the high spots; the black finish was a paint-like material with oxidized metal in it - something that would last just about as long as the ring itself. They doubted me, even though they could have called the ring company to verify that. The ring company is a major supplier of school rings throughout the country and I would think their word on it good enough. Better for me as it turned out because gold is higher today and thus I got more money for it than I would have last year. 

Such a deal, no reason for me to hold onto a ring I would never wear again and now I have a smile on my face and cash in my pocket.

All the best,
Glenn B