Thursday, March 31, 2022

It Is Absolutely Disgusting To Think...

 ...that any parent would want to change the sex of their minor child; anyway I think it disgusting and I think it extremely so. In fact - I think it absolutely depraved and I think it amounts to nothing less than severe child abuse. Add to that, the U.S. Government under the Biden/Harris administration supports sex change surgery (more at the source) for minor children and it has come to the point of unmitigated insanity. 
Yes - insanity because these leftist psychos evidently do not have a clue as to the difference between right and wrong. All they can see is having things their way no matter how perverse or otherwise wrong is what they want. They are happy with it their way so long as folks who are libertarians or conservatives or independents are offended by it. In this case though, not only should this be offensive to the right but also to any loving normal parent (or to anyone with even only half normal ideals) regardless of political leaning! 
In light of the U.S. government approving of sex changes for minors - it amazes me they have not come out in favor of chemical castration for rapists and child molesters. Then again, isn't that why so many of them strongly support sex change surgery for kids - to get their rocks off (so to speak) with those same kids sooner or later - that would be my guess. 
The world has turned upside down or inside out or possibly both - especially with the USA. This administration endorsing sex changes for minors is  an omen, I think, that something like a revolution is sorely coming, in this country, to clean out the perverts and swamp denizens. 
I am not advocating a violent overthrow of our government but the truth is I half expect one sooner than later. What with all of the apparent abuses of power that the current administration has been flamboyantly exercising - a revolution would come as no surprise. 
Hopefully it will not come to that, I'd hate to see Americans killing Americans but folks my bet is that one is coming regardless of my hopes. I say that becasue I find it hard to believe level headed citizens, within this great nation, can abide by such a perversion of nature among all the other harmful (to the USA) executive orders & legislation spawned by Biden and his crew of ultra-leftist whack jobs. 
All the best,
Glenn B