Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remember all that hokey about Ilegal Aliens...

...supposedly being good for the economy of the USA, because according to some folks illegal aliens supposedly take jobs that legal Americans would not take. Well I had to wonder about that claim back when it was being made over the past couple of years by most of the left, and by our pretty far left leaning president George W. Bush too for that matter. Time and time again, the advocates of illegal aliens have claimed that illegals take jobs that good old American Citizens, and that legal resident aliens would not take. I thought it was a pure bullshit claim then, as I know many citizens and legal resident who had taken piss poor jobs over the years just to have job. Now though, after reading this article: Unions: Swift & Co. Hiring More Whites @ http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2006Dec19/0,4670,ImmigrationRaidHiring,00.html I am more convinced than ever that said claim was so much whitewash being applied to the terrible problem of illegal aliens in our country, just to make them seem more acceptable.

The fact is folks they are ILLEGAL aliens. Most of them came here by illegal means, meaning that their first act on U.S. soil was a crime. Some came legally, then overstayed their visa and became illegal. After that many of both types continue to commit crimes, and as has been seen time and time again, they take away jobs from citizens and legal resident aliens. For the far left to say that illegal aliens only do jobs that citizens and legal residents would not do is ludicrous. I mean just read that article again. Who do you think comprise the white people who are taking the jobs recently vacated because the illegal aliens were rounded up by immigration and Customs Enforcement. My guess would be that they are not illegal aliens from Mexico, nor are they illegal aliens from any Central of South American country, nor are they illegal aliens from Canada (at least for the great majority), nor are they illegals from Ireland, or England, or Germany, or france, or wherever. The chances are that they are U.S. Citizens, and the Hispanics born here who took jobs are also U.S. Citizens. The others are probably legal aliens.

Of course, Swift has raised wages somewhat in at least one plant, but you will note that this was done before the raids. They did not do so in response to the raids, so those illegals who were working there before the raids were already getting paid higher wages before they got busted; yet the article tries to make it look as if the higher wages are what attracted a new group of people to apply for jobs. Heck they are the same wages the illegals were getting if the article reported it right, remember it says those raises took place over the last few weeks - not after last week's raids. Wages went up regardless of the raids.

Yet even if the ewages had gone up just to attract legal workers, it would matter little in the long run. So the wages went up a bit to attract workers, and in effect we may have to pay a bit more for higher priced Swift products; but if we keep out the illegals over time, our tax burdens will plummet. It may take a few to several years to notice the results, but taxes will go down as the population of illegal aliens falls - you can bet on it just as surely as taxes rose as the illegal alien population skyrocketed. Besides that, we will have more American citizens, and legal residents paying taxes. We will not have to worry about as many illegal aliens cheating on their taxes. THOSE THINGS WILL BE GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY.

Note also that at another Swift plant, a large number of new hires were Caucasian, many others were U.S. born Hispanics (making them U.S. citizens), and others were immigrants from Somalia or immigrants of Hispanic backgrounds. Note they said immigrants, not illegal immigrants, not undocumented workers, and not illegal aliens. My bet is they are all legal and that the company made sure of such before hiring them; I am sure they don't need or want more raids or the possibility of big fines.

Now isn't that how it should have been in the first place - you can bet it is. Jobs should go to U.S. Citizens, and to legal resident aliens, then to legal nonimmigrant aliens (those here temporarily to work, but here legally to work). Illegal aliens, those who come here to soak us dry need not apply.

Of course none of this will matter in the long run if the illegal aliens who were rounded up are not either deported or removed (legal difference between the two, but basically the same end) from our country. If they are released back onto the streets, they will only go out to take away other jobs from American Citizens and legal residents who would, as can be seen, be willing to take them in the first place. Please contact your elected officials in Congress and in the Whitehouse to demand that these illegals be removed as soon as possible. There really should be no place in this nation for people whose first act upon our soil was a crime. Save the jobs for American Citizens, and for those aliens who did it the right way and waited to come here through legal means, those who truly want to become good American Citizens.

All the best,
Glenn B