Thursday, June 30, 2022

I've Been Retired Over 10 Years And...

 ...while I do miss the job (it was truly an adventure of a career), I do not miss certain aspects of it like some arsehats with whom I worked (mostly supervisors). Don't get me wrong - some of the supervisors were great especially the Primary Firearms Instructors (Range Masters) and my friend DP. I readily admit that I also miss many of my fellow agents.
Other than my coworkers, the things I miss most besides travel to temporary assignments were my collateral duties as a firearms instructor for handgun, rifle & shotgun and then what came a bit later on - certification & collateral duties as an MP5 instructor. If I ever loved a gun (besides my 870) I loved the HK MP5 that was issued to me. While I still have my Remington 870 12 gauge (in fact I have two), I of course had to give up that MP5. 
Damn, shooting it was fun - especially with the free ammo I got from the job for practice. There was a lot of free ammo to spare; so, you can safely bet, I shot that MP5 frequently. If I had to rate it among all the long guns I have ever owned or been issued - it truly rates as the most fun long gun probably tied with the 870 but it might edge out the 870 only in as much as it never kicked enough to hurt my shoulder!

All the best,
Glenn B

He's Gone - Last Living WWII Recipient of Medal of Honor Has Passed On



 There is also a video here (much better I think) but I cannot get to to embed (seems to be a chronic on again/off again problem with videos from FOX News).

Yet another video below, long but well worth the watch:

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Glenn B


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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Zombies Movies & Shows - The Reason We Love Em So Much Is Sad

 I truly believe that the reason zombie movies & shows are so popular is because the dystopian chaos portrayed in them what we - as an overall society - wish would come to be. In fact, I think, we (the in general we) wish it would be as easy and as morally proper to dispose of our enemies as zombies are killed off in those shows  or just like the zombies kill off surviving humans. Yes, I see it as there are two sides to those who want it to be like a zombie apocalypse, those who want to destroy zombies and those who want to be zombies and destroy humanity. 
My guess is that many folks now believe that anyone with a view opposing their own amounts to little more than, if anything at all more than, a zombie or a human striving to survive. The scary thing is that many of the people within our society (and I mean this on a worldwide level to one degree or another depending on where you are) seemingly are becoming somewhat zombie like in as much as they seem to have no will of their own except for a basic one that consists of getting all they can get to stuff into their pie holes and are willing to absolutely destroy anyone to get what they want. These are the liberals among us. They are in a frenzied chaos tearing apart the remnants of what made us human and  are doing so with zero regard for anyone & everyone else - thus just as a zombie would do they are essentially trying to kill off the rest of us (or at least are trying to kill off what constituted our societal makeup. Sooner or later, those among us who have not turned into zombies - the remaining people with some sort of constitutional backbone who are still in touch with their humanity - will start shooting the ones who have turned. 
Sadly, the way things are now, I believe it inevitable that in order to save the human race, half or more of it will have to be wiped off the face of the earth. I don't want to see that happen, I hope it never does happen, but I feel it approaching like my bones feel a drastic change in the weather.
Well, it's just my thought on on what is going on in the world today. Let's hope I am wrong, dead wrong about it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Maybe Send Up A Prayer For Herschel Woodrow Williams...

...he is the last surviving Medal Of Honor recipient from WWII but is living out his last days in a hospital. His family has requested prayers be said for him. If not the praying type, maybe at least give him a thought or two today and in those days he has left. I think him worthy of either.

At the battle of Iwo Jima, then Corporal Williams advanced, alone and supported by only 4 riflemen, on enemy positions time & time again and wiped out several machine gun emplacements with a flamethrower returning to his own lines only to resupply with fresh flamethrowers and ordnance. More about him here: 
All the best,
Glenn B
ETA: Mr. Williams passed away yesterday, June 29, 2022. Hopefully the prayers and thoughts sent out for him have helped assure he will RIP.

Serious And Maybe Delirious

 Another guy is saying he is seriously running for the presidency in 2024.He is not your average guy, he is another big mouthed celebrity, in fact he makes his living with his mouth since he is in essence a comedian/talk show host with a radio show. 
I used to listen to his show sometimes when it was on free radio. I often thought he was hilarious as were many of his guests and some of his sidekicks. Yet, when he moved to fee to listen radio - as in SiriusXM (the radio station not the distant star) - I decided he was not worth my money. Yes, I think he often is (or at least was when I listened to him years ago) very funny, comically irreverent, often raunchy, even wildy outrageous and worth a listen if for free. For him though to consider running for the presidency, is as I see it outright ridiculous and would be a waste of air time for other more viable candidates for the position. 
It's bad enough we currently have a president whom Bozo The Clown (loved hi show and thankfully he knew his place - keeping kids amused & happy) would have outshone in the same job; so, in my opinion, even though I consider Stern pretty intelligent, we really do not need a sophomoric & waggish comedian like him to even consider running for the highest political office in our nation whether he is being serious or is being delirious in that regard. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

He Said It In The Present Tense...

 ...if he was quoted correctly and thus he has renounced (not that he was going to be renouncing) his U.S. citizenship. If it was up to me, he'd never again be allowed to step foot in this country. My bet is he is back already, or soon will be  because I have little doubt that he will not be prevented from entering by border authorities under the Biden Administration. To what end - I suppose he will return to slam this great nation even more but truth be told, I think we do not need him and I for one do not want him here. I would bet though that the leftists adore him. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 24, 2022

First Shots HK VP9SK & Glock 19

Got myself a new Glock 19 GEN3 recently (making it my third current one) and an HK VP9SK as well. The Glock came with two 10 round magazines (but I have many more 15 round mags) and the HK with two 10 round and two 13 round magazines.

As you can tell, I like Glocks, I also currently own a 26 and have owned a 17, 21 and two 30s in the past as well as two other Glock 19s but they were GEN5s (and I think avoiding them is the way to go with GEN5 model 19s, just my opinion). The first 20 shots with the Glock were a bit of a surprise because they were all at 15 yards and frankly I expected the group to be larger. 

What did not surprise me was that they grouped a bit to the left. Every Glock I have fired does that when I shoot it no matter how I hold it or position my trigger finger; well, that is everyone but for a single exception. That one was spot on center target as I recall and happily it is one of the Glock 19 GEN3 pistols that I still own.

As for the HK, allow me to quote the guys of Monty Python's Flying Circus: "And now for something completely different". Truth be told, no it's not really completely different but it is quite different in one mechanical regard than any other pistol I've ever fired and that is its safety levers. It also is somewhat different in another mechanical regard - the trigger pull and finally it was different than any other of the brands of guns I have ever owned. As for the brand, I don't recall ever owning an HK before now; so that is something completely new I guess. 

I was issued an HK MP5 when with the U.S. Customs Service Office Of Investigations. I also qualified with one when I was a Border Patrol Agent. I liked those MP5s so much that when given the opportunity to become an MP5 instructor, in addition to my other firearms instructor duties, I jumped at it. So maybe it should be no surprise that I at least kind of, sort of, almost completely liked the HK VP9SK or that I fired well with it. It really is a nice shooter in as much as how well it shoots. It is a fairly compact one too. There were though two things - one minor and one major - that I did not like about it. 

The minor issue was that the trigger had a surprising amount of travel followed by a bit of creep before it went bang. Nothing terrible not even really bad, just something I would have to adjust to if I would have decided to keep it as a carry gun. Yes I said if I would have! I decided I will not keep it - not as a carry gun nor as a safe queen (are we still allowed to use the word queen or does that offend the LGBTQIA world)! 

The reason for me not expecting to keep it is the location of the magazine releases & the movement needed to release either. The mag release is ambidextrous, a lever (not button) on the outside of each rear bottom of the trigger guard and more or less run parallel to the edge of the outside trigger guard on their respective side. It needed to be pushed down, not in (there is nowhere to go pushing in) to release the mag. I found it very difficult to hit the mag release and actually get it to release the mag with one hand (one handed is as I would do it on most other semi-automatic pistols I own - certainly on every primary self-defense semi-auto pistol I own). I found the most efficient way for me to release the mag was by using the thumb of my off hand to do so. The thing is, that means two hands on the gun while unloading instead of one on the gun and the other already grabbing a fresh mag with which to reload. That means time wasted and if in a gun fight a split second lost might make you the loser.

I know a few tricks to easily unload a pistol one handed when it's a model on which it is tricky to reach the mag release. None worked with this mag release. Sure, I mean could do it but not efficiently and timely AND I almost dropped the pistol two or three times when getting it done. I don't think I need to carry what I consider an unwieldy pistol with a design error (my opinion) like that. I know of one other shooter who has one and says he likes it. Then again, I know someone else who owned one and shot it and said he had to use his index finger to release it (not sure if he meant strong hand or weak hand). 

The gun fit well in my hand, most do, but it comes with grip panels for those who may think otherwise for themselves. The sights were great - a three dot system, big and white. I don't know about takedown and assembly as I have not taken it apart yet to clean it. No big hurry since I am not about to carry it but cleaning it will get one this weekend regardless.

 I've got to say, if not for mag release issue, I could live with the trigger creep. I loved the group I fired with it albeit at only 3 and 7 (Edited to add: that crossed out bit was wrong - one mag of 13 rounds was fired at 15 yards   that was why I marked off the shots from 3 & 7 yards so any outside that I'd know were shot from the 15, do not know what I was thinking saying only shots were at 3 & 7).  So, in the real world and not in the foggy world of my little gray  cells, I shot at 3, 7 & 15 yards but still 59 shots (three mags each with13 rounds & two mags each with 10 rounds). Not bad with all in the ten ring and only 7 or maybe 8 shots outside of the X ring (and all those at 15 yards). Sadly though there is the mag release issue and as I see it, this is not the gun for me even though it is one nice shooter.. 



I have been firing guns with the mag release in the more or less same spot for many years now, actually for decades. In the heat of a self-defense situation where I'd need to drop an empty mag and reload I don't need to do it with two hands, the thumb of my off hand and other hand on the grip (one hand might have been wounded then what result). I am so used to doing differently than the way it need be done (by me anyway) with the HK, yet doing it a different way than the HK with all my other self-defense pistols I have ever carried - I am pretty certain that could be seriously problematic. Almost sure - that when the pucker factor gives out and I am running on sweat, adrenaline and prior training - I am going to push for the mag release where it would have been on any of those other guns than the HK before I realize -  oh shit it’s on the bottom rear of the trigger guard and is a lever requiring a downward movement. I think that could get me killed, so no HK VP9SK as my self-defense pistol. That's too bad, it cost me a goodly amount and as I said is a nice shooter. I hope I can sell it for the same I paid but that is always iffy. In today's market though, my guess is I will get at least very close to what I shelled out on it.

Oh well, until they ban them all there will always be another one to try out. I for one will be voting for Trump in 2024 should he run again and I certainly hope he does so and continues his support of the 2nd Amendment, of all our other actual Constitutional rights, of our economy, of foreign affairs and of our great nation.

All the best, 
Glenn B

Thank The Justices But Don't Forget Who Put Them In Office

 Portrait of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States

This man worked wonders for the USA and all the left tries to do is destroy him and his great achievements. Well yesterday and today he socked it to them along with Team Supreme:
Amy Coney Barrett, Associate JusticeBrett M. Kavanaugh, Associate JusticeNeil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice 
 Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate JusticeClarence Thomas, Associate JusticeJohn G. Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States
If you don't know why - then you are hopelessly clueless but you can read about what took place yesterday here. Then read about, what took place today, here and read about what it was based on here and finally read about what The Man had to say about the decision of today here
Me, well, I think yesterday's decision is excellent for us gun folks. I think today's decision is going to be super good for the little buggers growing inside the womb. I also think that maybe it will help companies that produce contraceptives too (at least in some states). Yet, I have to wonder: Is being born into the world of today & tomorrow going to be any better for the children who will have been saved from the abortionist's butcher block! I hope so and am almost certain it will be better for them but we have got to stop this Bizarro world crap that has been going if only we do it for the children & their children in perpetuity. 
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Have Often Wondered - Was She a Zombie

I mean after all, the title of the song is 'She's Not There' and let's face it folks - zombies, whether fictional monsters or real live monsters in the form of democrats, are most certainly not there, at least mentally. Anyway you listen to this song though, it was and remains a great song by a short lived group that called what else but The Zombies:
Now remember, I just wrote "Anyway you listen to it it though, it was and remains a great song...". So, let's listen to another version, this one by Santana (what a tribute to the original by The Zombies) to have such a well established group play it more than 20 years after it first came out:
Yep, as many times as I have heard She's Not There, after seeing the Night of the Living Dead way back then, I've wondered was she a zombie. By the way, if you are a fan of zombie movies and have never seen Night of the Living Dead - you do not know what you are missing. There were other movies with zombies before it but it most definitively is the one that started the craze.
All the best, 
Glenn B

The Countdown Has Begun But To What?

Well, maybe to civil war, or civil disturbance or outright insanity but my guess is it will not be nice no matter what the judgement. What countdown - the bit over one week we have left until the Supreme Court's current session eds for the summer and thus the countdown until their decision on the case,  Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, that may or may not overturn Roe versus Wade. More at the source.
There are extremists on both sides of the abortion issue while I believe both ready, willing and able to cause massive civil disturbances if they do not get the decision they want. I honestly believe though that those on the left might be willing to start a civil war should Roe v. Wade be overturned. In fact, should it not be overturned, I still think it likely those on the left will create violent civil disturbance while they celebrate - much like the Chicago basketball fans who rioted after their team won the championship many years ago; if you don't remember that one - read about it here.
Anyway, I have veered a bit away fro the title of this blog post so let me get to the countdown. We have this much time until the official closing hour of the Supreme Court next week on Friday and the decision apparently will have to be announced by then:


Of course, it may not take anywhere as long as that - they could announce their decision sooner - like tomorrow! Whenever, I am willing to bet rioting does not take even a few minutes to commence once the decision comes down if it actually overturns Roe versus Wade.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I'd Not Only Hang My Head In Shame...

 ...but probably would also resign, or even do something more drastic to show my repentance if I had been one of the law enforcement officers in the hallway during the school shooting in Uvalde. They evidently never even tried to open the classroom door of the classroom in which children were being massacred. That is if the report I just read is true, that the damned door reportedly was unlocked all the time they stood there doing nothing - until they finally went in - which was of course way too late for so many young children and two teachers. More on the door and other related issues at the source.
What could cause them to stand there waiting for something for which they did not need to wait. Having been in law enforcement for 32 years I can think of several things that could cause them to do that but cannot think of one that will excuse them. Here are what I believe may have been the cause(s) of their inaction:
1. One of the first offices to reach the door tried it - turned the knob or handle and either pushed or pulled the wrong way and not the other way, then mistakenly told other officers the door was locked. Sure, it sounds lame but I suppose it could happen in the heat of a very heart pounding moment when adrenaline is flowing hard and fast. I would think though that one other or more of them also would have have tried to door while waiting, that they seemingly did not is mind boggling. 
2. That maybe no one at all tried to open the door, that they just stacked outside, waiting while all assuming it was locked is a possibility. It is a possibility though that I can not imagine being reality.
3. They were scared shitless and cowered in the hallway frozen in place. In other words all of them were sniveling cowards. That, I find almost impossible but yet not absolutely impossible to believe. I find it almost impossible to believe mostly because they did enter eventually. Yet fear is a great de-motivator, as great as it is a motivator, so they could have been too scared to go in for some time before actually working up the courage to do so. I would certainly hope that was not the case.

4. That they all thought too much of the words of their training officers who taught them that the most important thing was getting home at the end of a shift. Yes folks, that is actually taught to law enforcement officers, I remember hearing it myself and it turned my stomach when I heard it. Now, I'll admit, I only ever heard it from one training instructor - it was not rampant. I would hope that was not the case.
5. They were under orders not to go in and obeyed those orders. I, for one, cannot imagine obeying such orders if I had been there hearing the gun shots being fired and pretty much knowing children were dying as I stood there waiting for an order to advance. That is a situation under which you must take command of the situation and use your own discretion. At least one of those officers, after hearing the shots going off, should have realized it was no longer a barricade situation and should have manned up and taken command and ordered an entry as I see it. I cannot imagine most of those I worked with in law enforcement just waiting because that was the order. I find it sad to believe that no one was willing to take the reigns and lead the entry to prevent children being killed.

6. That the officers there had not been properly trained for such a situation seems most likely to me. This would have made them more likely to remain in place after having been ordered to do so. I am not saying it is the case but to me seems the most likely. Either that or numbers 1 or 2 above.
There probably are other possible causes. No matter what it was that kept them standing there, if I had been one of them I am pretty sure I'd be resigning if indeed the door was unlocked that whole time. I'd also hang my head lower in shame than it is already hanging. It is already hung low because of the shame I feel over the miserable failure, of all those fellow law enforcement officers, to protect those innocent young children.

If I was the chief who gave the order to stand fast - the guy who ordered them to wait for everything - even for the keys that the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety now reportedly has said were never needed in the first place - I'd probably not only hang my head, I'd probably hang myself (not suggesting that chief do so, just saying what I might do). My guess though is that the chief is a mouth-breathing lowlife pompous arrogant and incompetent commander and that he feels little to no remorse at all. If he did feel remorse - I think he at least would have resigned almost immediately.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 18, 2022

I Had Thought We Kicked The King's Arse...

 ...or at least the arses of his military men and allies in the American Revolution, aka: The War Of Independence. So you can imagine how bewildered was I when I was looking at a revolver on when I saw the condition of it was rated  by the King's Firearms Condition Standards. 

I do not recall seeing them in a lifetime of shooting until to'day. Here they are in case you are wondering:

The King's Firearms Condition Standards For Modern Firearms

 Grade 10 : New in box, a grading of 10 means the firearm is as it came from the factory with all the factory paperwork ect included. Not used.

Grade 9 : LNIB, a grading of 9 means the firearm is used but appear to be in a new in box condition. Will not show wear. Possibly will have a few rounds through the firearm.

Grade 8 : Very good to excellent, a grading of 8 means the firearm will show some very minor wear and/or scratches to the finish.

Grade 7 : Good to very good, a grading of 7 means the firearm will show light to mild wear and/or scratches. Will be in good mechanical condition.

Grade 6 : Good, a grading of 6 means the firearm appears to be in good functional condition but will show mild wear and/or scratches. This wear may include holster wear and/or light to mild surface rust.

Grade 5 : Fair, a grading of 5 means the firearm appears to be in functional condition but will show mild to heavy wear and/or scratches. This wear may include holster wear and/or light to mild pitting. This may also include frame modification and/or polished slides ect.

Grade 4 : As is, a grading of 4 means the firearm will cock and dry fire but no actual guarantee of actual function. Finish condition will vary from fair to good.

Grade 3 : Poor, a grading of 3 means the firearm will cock and dry fire but will show heavy wear, deep gouges and/or heavy pitting. Also, may include broken stocks and or missing parts.

Grade 2 : Parts, a grading of 2 means the firearm(s) is not in a functional condition and will need parts and repair to fix. Finish of a grade 2 will vary from fair to good.

Grade 1 : Parts, a grading of 1 means the firearm(s) is not in a functional condition and may or may not be repairable.

Nice standards but I look at them this way, if by King's they mean they are in some way, shape or form related to the king of England (I know there is no current king) - they are as useless as trash to me. I do not bow down before, honor or follow any rules set by or even merely named for a monarch. Of course, they could be named after some guy named Ichabod King for all I know; so if anyone knows where and how they originated, clue me in please.

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, June 17, 2022

Another Unavoidable Fix Tomorrow...

 ...and by fix I mean as in a shot of dope due to an addiction (figuratively of course because I don't shoot horse). Literally, what I mean is a fix for my addiction to Hessney Firearms auctions, they are holding an online Sportsman Auction tomorrow, starting at 10 AM NY time.
Damn, I already have bids in amounting to $617.50 and expect to bid on several more items. Of course, that does not mean I will have the high bids on anything but I do expect to have the highest bid on at least one lot (not telling which one now) if my predetermined max bid winds up being good.

All the best,
Glenn B

Before The Munsters!

In the Munsters, she looked like this: 
I gladly would have been her Jonathan Harker!

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters: Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far
You may never have seen or guessed what she looked like before The Munsters:

This is one of my favorite still shots of her.

A pretty darned good looking gal was Yvonne De Carlo. Not bad at all, hot when young and maybe hotter when she was Lily in The Munsters!

All the best,

Grateful Dead - Their Worst Album BUT Their Best Cover

This is the best Grateful Dead album cover by far, as I see it. In fact, I have never seen a better album cover than this one (although the first Black Sabath album cover comes darned close), not from any musician or musical group. 

Of course, one could wish the album that came under that cover was better, I think it the worst Dead album to which I have ever listened. Then again, it's the Grateful Dead - in their heyday - and their music & song surely beats almost any crap rap, country bumpkin crooning (and you must realize I love Cash, Nelson & Jennings), 50s & 60s early rock n'roll, later rock, heavy metal (I love early Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne), heavenly rock - just in case Elvis truly is alive, blues, rhythm & blues, bluegrass, swing, boogie-woogie, harmony, jazz, gospel, big band (although Glenn Miller & his band were pretty good) and classical music that is on the planet. 
There is one musical work,that in my ears, beats them all - even anything by the Dead. That would be what I consider to be the closest thing to musical perfection ever on this earth & under or even in the heavens - Vivaldi's Four Seasons. With that one the music is truly a wonderfully masterful composition but all the various cover art I've seen for it sucks. It is just the opposite of the music versus the album cover for Blues for Allah.
All best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

buy, Buy, BUY AMMO NOW

If you are short on 5.56x45mm ammo, I suggest you had best buy it now because sources have been quoted as saying Winchester has been ordered to stop selling Lake City M855 and SS109 to the civilian market. According to an article I just read, that ammo supposedly makes up about 30% of the 5.56 ammo in the market. Now, while that may be true, I think that figure seems rather high but if the Biden Administration actually put out such an order it will definitely adversely affect ammo supplies. Read about it at the source.

I look at it this way, as long as you don't need to hump it over hill and over dale - you cannot have enough ammo. Makes me think of the old movie Gunga Din with Sam Jaffe in the title roll. At one point, in battle, the troops called out to him: 

 I think they would have fared better had they brought their own full canteens and instead said:

Ammo Gunga Din, Gunga Din bring ammo! 
Anyway, I think we'd each be better off today to consider ourselves our own Gunga Dins of sorts and thus tell ourselves: "Buy Ammo Gunga Din, Gunga Din Buy Ammo"! Why? It maybe is about to be in even shorter supply than it was last year and that will mean one thing besides less supply and that one thing is much higher prices. 
So if you want to be ready for the civil war that I sadly believe is coming - because the leftists seem to be pushing for it (although, I hope I am wrong about that) by way of brainwashing our children, by turning men into women and women into men, by ripping full term babies out of a mother's womb and calling it legal abortion, by not only being easy on criminals but by actually facilitating crime with passage of laws and regulations that amount to doing nothing to prosecute, by creating the worst inflation in over 40 years, by destroying our ability to be energy independent, and by destroying our rights & liberties bit by bit and day by day - get your ammo while the getting is good at least still possible. I surely hope though it will never actually be needed for a civil war against enemies of the Constitution nor to overthrow a tyrannical government but then again the possibility of things like that that is why the Framer's of the Constitution & of the Bill of Rights thought up & wrote in the 2nd Amendment.
All the best,
Glenn B

Justice Swift & Decisive - Children Being Shot Averted - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

 You got to hand it to the police this time around. They responded within a couple minutes to a summer camp from which they had received a call about an active shooter and they quickly terminated the threat with extreme prejudice (nothing racial implied although I am sure the sacks of shit at BLM will say otherwise because the shooter was black).

There are other good guys, other than the police that is. One of them took immediate action, of an unknown type at the time I write this, to confront the shooter prior to police arriving. As he confronted the alleged bad guy, other camp staff immediately moved the children to safety behind locked doors. Meanwhile, the alleged shooter reportedly fired at least one shot inside the camp. 

When the cops got there - reportedly within only 2 minutes of receiving a 911 call, they immediately entered, sought out the shooter, found the shooter in the gym reportedly where children were present and engaged & shot him. The alleged shooter wound up dying later at a local hospital. More at the source.

That last fact brought joy to my heart, not so much because the guy was terminated but that the apparent dirtbag will never again be able to try to do what he wanted to do today. All I could think of was this:

This past Monday, there were heroes who did the right thing and saved not only the day but it seems many children's lives as well. If you cannot be joyous about that and if you cannot see why citizens need to take action and why good law enforcement is a necessity, then there is something sadly wrong with you.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Patrullero De La Frontera - Not The Job I'd Want Now

 I started my career in the U.S. Border Patrol back in 1979 and those probably were the four most exciting years of my career if not my life. Don't get me wrong: it was not the best job I have ever had, not the best paying by far and most definitely not the most conducive to a long happy career but it sure was the wild west of the 20th century and my brother & sister agents were excellent for the great majority of them. The senoritas were not bad at all either!
As far as it goes now though, if I were a young man today, I'd not work for the U.S. Border Patrol for ten times their current pay. Not only is biden allowing illegals to flood the SW and overwhelm the BPAs defending it but the agents cannot get a break. They get screwed even when it was proven they did nothing wrong, that being relative to trying to round up a group of Haitian illegal aliens not all that long ago. They were falsely accused of whipping aliens and that has been an allegation that has been proven false; yet, their bosses - in particular  biden, along with leftist politicians & activists and the media fucked them over and apparently are still trying their best to do so. More at the source.
It's been getting so bad, what with all the crazy anti-law enforcement spewed by leftists that it seems Bizarro World ain't got shit on planet Earth (or at least on the US of A) so long as liberals inhabit it!

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 13, 2022

Wondering What She Looks Like Now

I think I first downloaded the hidden photo (to see it click on the read more link below but be advised she's nekid) back in 2008; although, it could have been as early as the late 90s. She has always intrigued me, not mostly because she is very fine looking but because I have a pretty good idea that I've met her before - in fact that we lived on the same block in NYC. (Yeah, I know "Haven't we met before?" is a lousy pick up line but I am not trying to pick anyone up - it's just the truth).

Anyway, seeing her pic again makes me wonder what she looks like now because she certainly was a hottie back then. Click on the below link to see her for yourself.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 11, 2022

So Biden Has Told Us Which Guns He Owns...

President Biden waits before giving remarks on inflation and supply chain issues at the Port of Los Angeles, Friday, June 10, 2022, in Los Angeles.
I still cannot believe this was the best the dems thought they had to offer America! He is absolutely nothing more than a pure POS leftist anti-American scumbag.

 ...while at the same time wanting to ban the rest of us from owning guns in 9mm and AR-15s (and probably lots of other semi-autos). More at the source. While he says he has two shotguns, the thing he neglected to tell us is what weapons his security details in the Secret Service and the military carry. 


All the best,
Glenn B
PS: Well, that wish of all the best goes out to most folks excepting anti-gun & anti-American commies like Biden.

Really - A Lifeguard Shortage

Is there actually going to be a lifeguard shortage as reported at the source:
They have got to be shitting us or is it shitting on us! Does the media  (yes, Fox News is part of the Mud Slinging Media) really expect us, or at least me, to believe that youngsters (yes most lifeguards are pretty young) have shied away from summer season jobs as lifeguards? I wonder, if true, is it that they have decided to become rocket scientists, architects, police officers, politicians, plumbers, philosophers, McDonald's servers, reporters or more likely that they've become transgender freaks who are no longer attracted by what attracted them to pools and beaches all around our nation in the past - and that would be scantily clad heterosexual folks of the opposite sex with Adonis & Aphrodite like tanned curvaceous bodies:

NAMA Aphrodite Syracuse.jpgAdonis Mazarin Louvre MR239.jpg  

I truly do not know what is happening to the youth of the USA except to say that the twisted minds of academic libturdia are like a plague upon them. Damn, if my hips were not in such bad shape and if I did not look like a decrepit beached whale, I'd don Speedos and apply for the job myself!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

I Bet That Schumer Wished The Guy Assasinated...

...Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh! If you do not know what I am talking about go to the source.

One has to remember that Schumer said this in 2020. 

 "I want to tell you, [Justice] Gorsuch, I want to tell you, [Justice] Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price, You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions."

Why Schumer was not arrested, charged with and found guilty of sedition or at least of making terroristic threats is beyond me.

All the best,

Glenn B

Monday, June 6, 2022

So Why Wasn't The Media Hysterical Over This Mass Murder

 Heck, six people killed during a robbery gone bad. More at the source. That many qualifies the crime as a mass murder. Yet, I do not recall much media fuss over it, do you!

The victims all were shot, one shot to each victims head, shot as in with a firearm. If that was not bad enough, it has been alleged that the suspected killer then took a selfie of himself, while at the crime scene, while wearing sunglasses that had belonged to one of the victims. Regardless of the heinous crime, there evidently is still no outcry from leftist polticians, the commie loving media or other liberals to ban guns because of it. I wonder why not. 

QDo you have a theory as to why not? I do but I will keep it to myself lest I be called a racist by leftist scum who see any white male on the right or leaning that way or who is just plain logical as being one. Bizarro World, it seems, is upon us and was created by the left.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Some Guys Have All The Fun...

 ...but if I'd have to wind up in circumstances like the guy in the video just to be one of the guys having all the fun; well then, I am happy I am not one of those guys because fun like that is no longer for me!
All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 3, 2022

"Why’d that cop have to shoot him so many times!” - A Good Read To Read Again & Again

I am pretty sure that I have posted this link before, to a very interesting article about how much spare ammo is enough to carry. I came across it again today, after seeing a comment in a gun forum thread about carrying extra ammo in which someone replied they do not carry a spare magazine for his/her semi-auto pistol.
So, I figured it might be a good idea to post it again because not carrying at least two spare magazines is asking begging for trouble as far as I see it. Some truly eye opening details about a police officer's involvement in an armed encounter with a really bad guy can be seen in the article at the below link.

All the best,
Glenn B