Saturday, June 11, 2022

Really - A Lifeguard Shortage

Is there actually going to be a lifeguard shortage as reported at the source:
They have got to be shitting us or is it shitting on us! Does the media  (yes, Fox News is part of the Mud Slinging Media) really expect us, or at least me, to believe that youngsters (yes most lifeguards are pretty young) have shied away from summer season jobs as lifeguards? I wonder, if true, is it that they have decided to become rocket scientists, architects, police officers, politicians, plumbers, philosophers, McDonald's servers, reporters or more likely that they've become transgender freaks who are no longer attracted by what attracted them to pools and beaches all around our nation in the past - and that would be scantily clad heterosexual folks of the opposite sex with Adonis & Aphrodite like tanned curvaceous bodies:

NAMA Aphrodite Syracuse.jpgAdonis Mazarin Louvre MR239.jpg  

I truly do not know what is happening to the youth of the USA except to say that the twisted minds of academic libturdia are like a plague upon them. Damn, if my hips were not in such bad shape and if I did not look like a decrepit beached whale, I'd don Speedos and apply for the job myself!

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Feral Ferret said...

Sen. Joseph McCarthy had a lot of things right.