Wednesday, January 5, 2022

I've Been Thinking Of Dieting...

 ...but the problem is all I do is think about it as I'm stuffing my face with my next piece of cherry pie, this season's fruit cake or some super fudgy chocolate brownies I've baked while washing it down with a bier and as the Atkin's Diet book sits unread on my table. So I've been wondering, what could I do to motivate myself. Then, today by coincidence, a friend up in NY sent me this music video (a hat tip to Charlie F). Well, I watched it and discovered something, it could be just the motivation that I've not been looking for. (Truth is while I need it, I've not really been looking for it, the junk food tastes too good.) Seriously now though, it might be pretty good motivation - I think:
So, what do you think, would it motivate you? Well, now while I had thought it might motivate me, I'm not so sure anymore. At least I'm not as sure, it would be as good a motivator, ever since I saw another older music video along the same idea:

 So which do you think would motivate you better?
The first one was okay, how could a guy (at least a hetero one) not like it but it is no longer that motivational. While I prefer watching it, the thing is it gives false hope about gray hair, a big belly and young ladies flocking round regardless. On the other hand, the second one leaves not one smidgen of hope at all now - does it! That 2nd is almost pitifully to the point for me. I need to throw away the junk foods & crack the spine on that Atkin's Diet book real soon.
All the best,
Glenn B
PS: I'd bet dollars to dietary donuts that the blonde in the black & pink cap with the black top & denim shorts looks good naked!